Get Good Sleep!

Get Good Sleep!

BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer

A BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer balances out stresses caused by electrosmog, radio waves, and radiation from the earth, thus promoting the body’s natural capacity for self-healing.

30 days return GUARANTEE!

"A healthy home environment makes for a healthy body. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind!"

Benefits of a BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer:

More energy!

Areas above geological interference zones often have a lower vibration than we humans do, and thus they drain us of energy. Continued loss of energy leads to fatigue, lower productivity, and increased susceptibility to illness.

A BIOGETA® HOME module measurably compensates for energetic deficits via interference zones and protects against energy loss.

Less stress!

Electrosmog and radio pollution cause stress and disturb the vegetative nervous system. Vegetative stress leads, among other things, to increased cortisol formation and ultimately to hyperacidity of the body with corresponding consequences.

A BIOGETA® HOME module balances electrosmog and radio pollution and promotes the parasympathetic nervous system.

Better Sleep!

By balancing disturbing stresses, the body’s natural melatonin production is restored, promoting more relaxing and restorative sleep.

Less nighttime urination, better sleep through the night, less night sweats, and less bedwetting/screaming in children are often the results.

More Vitality!

Restful sleep free from stress and energy loss gives you more vitality, increased life energy, stronger immune system and better health.

Lower susceptibility to infections, better concentration, higher stress tolerance in everyday life, and increased fertility number among the potential welcome side effects.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you feel “vibrations” at night, an inner restlessness?

Do you have vivid or distressing dreams? Do you wake up or have to go to the toilet often at night? 

Do you feel tired every morning? Do you suffer from back pain, tension, headaches, or joint stiffness?

Do you always lack the energy you need for your day?

Do you constantly feel tired and unrested? 

Do you find you have poor focus? Are you easily annoyed and overwhelmed, often leading to arguments with your partner?

Are you finding it hard to get your kids to sleep? Do they still wet the bed long after they should have grown out of it?

Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease, frequent colds, or another chronic illness?

 Are you struggling with infertility, even though everything is fine with you and your partner physically?  

Do you suffer from burn-out?

You may be wondering:

What do all these symptoms have in common?

The answer is:

These can all be signs that you are sleeping on a water vein, that where you sleep is in a geopathic interference zone (a hotspot of what is commonly known as earth radiation), or that you are overexposed to radiation from technology (electrosmog, WiFi, cell phones)!


Earth radiation and electrosmog extract energy from people, cause stress to the autonomic nervous system, and change ionic proportions in the air. They also cause disturbances to biological processes, such as the depolarization of cells, or disruptions to melatonin production.

The consequences often include disruptions to hormone balance, susceptibility to illness, and, after prolonged stress, a persistent hyperacidification of the body, which turns it into a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells, as Dr. Otto Warburg discovered in 1931; a discovery for which he received a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The first step in the treatment of any disease should always be setting up a healthy sleep environment, so that the body can regenerate itself and recover energy at night.

As Paracelsus said in the 16th century:

“The surest way to ruin health is to have a sick bed”.

Although at that time there was neither electrosmog nor mobile phones – but there was earth radiation!

In over 1200 sleep site analyses, I have not encountered a single case of serious illness that did not come with a contaminated sleep site. 

Sebastian Krueger 
Building biologist, non-medical practitioner, bioresonance therapist

So what can you do, to protect yourself and your family?

No doubt all you want is for everything to go well for you and your children, for them to sleep well and to stay – or get into – good health, protected from the effects of water veins, earth radiation, and the ever-increasing, unavoidable radiation from mobile phones, 5G, smart meters, and so on.

Among dowsers and those with the ability of radiesthesia, it is widely held that one cannot eliminate earth radiation, only avoid it. Although you may be able to move one or some of your beds to an interference-free area, you’ll likely be unable to do this with all of your beds, and certainly not in all rest and work areas.

Many building biologists do not pay any attention to earth radiation at all, or simply try to stop water vein radiation with special mats under beds, mainly concentrating on minimizing technological radiation with shielding materials.

But here's the problem:

The Solution:

In order to bring about holistic, sustainable harmony, we must offset technological radiation’s effect on the body, as well as that of geopathic interference zones, i.e. earth rays, so that they no longer stress and draw energy out of the body.

The BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer were developed for this exact purpose!

Developed by and for building biology, tested repeatedly in everyday environments, and under constant improvement, these devices have been used successfully to help many thousands of people to improve their sleep and their health.

This is how the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer helps you sleep better:

Balances electrosmog, radio waves, and earth radiation

Harmonizes radiation interference on your body

Returns and keeps your body to its natural equilibrium

Promotes natural melatonin production

Helps to develop and maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle

" ... since harmonization in our home, all the family sleeps deeper, calmer, and better, and feel much more relaxed and rested..."
- Iris Nauer -

BIOGETA® Product Presentations

Learn more about our products in this short video. How they work and how they can help you sleep better and stay healthy – or get healthy again.


BIOGETA® Product Presentations

With the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer, we offer an effective, easy-to-install, complete solution for home-harmonization, all for the price of a small TV set, making it accessible to all.

This product creates a harmonious vibrational field throughout your home or apartment.

To do this, it emits balancing frequencies that are applied to the house’s electrical supply by means of so-called ‘FM = frequency modulation’ (similar to a radio transmitter), ensuring the balancing effect is present throughout the entire house / apartment.

A BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer will mitigate electrosmog and radio pollution, as well as radiation from water veins, so that you will no longer lose energy to such radiation in these interference zones, and thus no longer experience the weakness, strain, and stress that it causes.

It supports the autonomic nervous system and promotes healthy function in your parasympathetic nervous systems.

This promotes your body’s natural healing!


On all BIOGETA® products we offer a 30 daysreturn policy. If you are dissatisfied with our product in this timeframe, you will receive a full refund!

We (my partner and I) have had the Biofield Harmonizer in the socket now since 02/10/2020.

Since then, our alternative practitioner cannot measure any stress that was measurable by geological stress or e-smog or water veins.

We sleep much more relaxed and have hardly any wake-up phases.

It has a calming effect on us in everyday life.

Love greetings,

Ute Puschkat and Burkhard Kroll.

One module for the whole apartment / house!

The right module size for you depends on the size of your home.

Home radiation while using the HOME Harmonizer

Home radiation without the HOME Harmonizer

The HOME Harmonizer´s functions include


Loads from 50Hz house current (electric as well as magnetic alternating fields) and 16Hz railroad current (e.g. from a railroad line near the house) are effectively harmonized.


Offsets all radio transmitters around us (WiFi, DECT cordless phones, LTE, 5G, GSM mobile radio waves, baby monitors, smart meters, satellite radio, radar, etc.).

OFFSET Earth Radiation

An HOME FM Biofield Harmonizer measurably* balances radiation from water veins, faults, and disturbances in the global grid system.


By changing the air ionization to a ratio of up to 4 minus to 1 plus ION, less dust is trapped in the air, making the air clearer and cleaner.

*The effect of the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer can be measured with a bioresonance device, which are used in a building biology resonance test. That is, as soon as a HOME Harmonizer of the right size is installed, no geopathic interference zone is detectable in the entire house (circuit) when a resonance test is conducted.

Your Benefits

How does an HOME Harmonizer work?

A BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer establishes a bipolar frequency field, which harmonizes the known frequency spectra of radiation from water veins, faults, and the grid system, as well as electrosmog and radio pollution from things like WiFi, DECT, LTE, 5G, Bluetooth, satellite radio, etc.

The mechanism used is that of bioresonance therapy. It creates a very gentle balance, because rather than the person being directly acted upon, it instead creates a balanced environment, in which one can freely heal oneself of any damage. In other words, the body is simply given space to do all the work.

By modulating the BIOGETA® information to the 50Hz house power grid, the effects reach every corner of the home, ensuring that the whole house, including all sleeping, resting, & working places, are effectively harmonized.

The module does not use electrical mechanisms to perform its function, and therefore does not emit its own electrosmog!



The HOME Harmonizer and rearranging the bed have shown after ONLY 5 weeks of retesting that no water vein resonates anymore.

The plants grow gigantically fast and bloom incredibly beautiful and often. Overall, a great atmosphere can be felt. Also our cat loves the Biofeldformer, she has new favorite places, but most of all she loves to lie directly by the HOME Harmonizer ;-).

Dear Biogeta team, we are very happy to have found you. According to my philosophy of life: “Harmony/balance means health”, you contribute a lot with your product.

Thank you very much for that!!! Best regards, stay healthy!!!

Heidelinde & Miriam

In September last year, I ordered the size M HOME Harmonizer from you for my daughter.

She and her partner had been trying unsuccessfully to have a child since July 2018. Since she lives in the city of Dresden in a 17-family house and I am well aware of the problems of e-smog and radiation exposure, I decided to give her this device.

What can I say, since the turn of the year she is now pregnant and we are all looking forward to the baby in September! She was able to cancel the appointment at the fertility clinic in time!

Many warm greetings from Dresden,

Kathrin Bischoff


Biofield harmonizing is basically a pure harmonization of the organism. In other words, as a rule, nothing is changed in the interference zone, but the body is provided with the corresponding balancing frequencies.

The basis for understanding this type of spatial harmonization is provided by bioresonance. Paul Schmidt recognized and scientifically described already at the beginning of the 70’s that everything around us, as well as above all also in us vibrates in completely certain frequencies. Each frequency has both polarities, plus and minus. If there is an imbalance in one of the frequency values, i.e. a polarity shift, disharmony arises and later usually illness.

For example, if a person stays on an irritation zone – e.g. caused by a water vein – the polarity shifts on one or more certain frequencies and the body is weakened. If one knows the corresponding frequency values, one can make them available to the body in the room with the help of special resonators or as pure information.

In addition to the specific regulation level of the HOME FM Biofield Harmonizer, the main focus in the development of the module was placed on the energy factor.

What is the use of a system that gives the body instructions to feel certain radiation fields differently, or even a system that manages to counteract an interference zone by individually adaptable counter-vibrations, if the energy value, very well definable by the bovis value, remains in a range that vibrates lower than the human being?

Due to the law of negative entropy, the human being loses life energy on such fields. That means, independent of the stressing radiation spectrum, above all, the energy value of the place must be raised to at least a neutral value, otherwise important regulation processes in the body can no longer take place.

The FM Home Harmonizer balances out energetic deficits on all interference zones, so that the person no longer loses energy there.

If a mains disconnect switch or mains decoupler is active, the module should not be plugged into the enabled bedroom.

In such cases, a BIOGETA® Bio-Wafer is very well suited as a supplement. This would then provide locally under the respective beds for a removal of the interference zones, while the FM Biofeld Harmonizer provides at central place during the day for a balance.

However, a part of the compensating frequencies also arrives in the sleeping areas despite the network decoupler. And this is through lines in the neighboring, or underlying rooms.

In some cases, this is even sufficient for complete cancellation of the interference zones during the night, even without using an additional Bio-Wafer.

The modules do not consume anything. The silicon core oscillates the information through a membrane onto a conductor and thus onto the house current.

The energy that the module needs is the natural oscillation property of the crystalline core.

It is quasi free energy, because it provides the oscillation of the core. Basically, every crystal – including silicon – vibrates due to free cosmic energy.

Basically, there are two ways to build such modules. The first possibility would be – without going into detail – that certain information is stored on a carrier, in this case the silicon core of the module, and then releases it to the environment.

The second possibility is to install only an instruction on the core, after which a certain field is generated again and again. This is comparable to a vector path, where start and end points are defined, and the intervening distance is built up again and again. This allows vectors to be scaled arbitrarily without losing quality, whereas a bitmap, for example, consists of pixel points that quickly become blurred when zoomed in.

In comparison with FM Biofield Harmonizer, these are constructed like a vector. This means that as long as the core can oscillate, a constant field will keep building up without losing quality.

If you ever feel that the power has dropped, unplug the module and walk around your home with it for a few minutes. This will cause the core to resonate again and release the full frequency spectrum.

However, by using the mains decoupler that matches the modules, this is no longer necessary and the module remains permanently oscillating.

Die Basis der Module ist Silizium. Es ist quasi ein kleingeraspelter Microchip.

Silizium besitzt eine kristalline Struktur und ist in der Lage feinste Informationen und Anweisungen zu speichern und entsprechend umzusetzen. Deshalb wird Silizium in der Computerindustrie verwendet, und deshalb dienen z.B. Quartz Kristalle als Taktgeber in Uhren.

Der Vorteil eines Silizium-Kritsalls besteht in seiner Schwingungseigenschaft. Er ist somit der perfekte Transmitter, um die Regulations-Informationen auf den Stromkreis aufzuschwingen.

A question that is asked very often, concerns the sizes of the modules. It is important to understand that the recommended size of the modules depends on the size distribution of the circuit and the resistances in it (branches, fuses, etc.).

It is not that a larger module produces “more energy”, but has more volume, and oscillates more. But it is the same information structure. The aim is to delete the existing interference zones by interference, to balance the body in polarities and to raise “negative” Bovis values to the ambient level.

It is therefore possible to use an L-size module in a small apartment without any problems. In case of doubt, we always advise to take the larger module instead of the smaller one.

As a rule, it is often the case that at the latest 4 weeks after a BIOGETA® module has been put into operation, there is no longer any evidence of exposure to water veins, earth grids or NF electrosmog or HF electrosmog in the body.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all symptoms that have arisen up to that point have disappeared directly. It usually takes a little longer.

The FM Biofeld Harmonizer balances the polarities and “negative” oscillation areas, so that we no longer lose energy, our cells do not depolarize and the vegetative nervous system is balanced.

The new series of modules works very gently, so you will probably notice only after a few days that you would like to stay in bed longer and overall calm down.

In the first few days you may even experience some restlessness, as the body often has to get used to the changed oscillation field first.

YES! The main efficiency of an FM Biofield harmonizer is within the meter circuit of the corresponding dwelling. Experience has shown that the meter is too great a resistance for the information to be transmitted across it to the rest of the house current.

However, if you have direct neighbors, they may also be able to benefit from your balancing vibration field through the cables laid in your walls. The same applies to apartments above.

However, by far not the same effect can be expected as if the module is active directly within the apartment circuit.

Basically, it does not matter where the module is plugged in, because the regulation information is modulated on the 50Hz of the house current and thus distributed everywhere in the house / apartment.

Experience shows that the best results are achieved when the module is plugged in on the same floor as the bedrooms or living room.

We recommend plugging it directly into a free wall socket and only in an emergency into a multiple socket.

In order to calculate the correct size, it is important to understand how the Biofield Harmonizer works.

It modulates a packet of information onto the 50Hz of the power grid and thus distributes itself throughout the house – or within the meter circuit. This means that not only the inhabited rooms, but also other rooms where wires are installed must be added to the area. E.g. basement rooms, garages, carports and/or the attic.

For the latter, it is usually sufficient to calculate 1/3 of the total area of the attic, because usually only one pipe goes up there. The same is true for most garages. However, if the attic is developed, it must be included with full floor space.


Note: the previous name of the HOME Harmonizer was FM Biofieldformer. That´s why it is called that way in the following testimonials .


Dear Biogeta Team and Mr. Krueger, 

Due to very bad sleep issues and various physical issues, I did bioresonance testing on my girlfriend’s apartment in August of this year. In the bedroom, but also the entire living area, I found radiation from water veins, the grid and grid intersections. This led my girlfriend to find YOU  – Radiation Free Living – on the Internet.

Just FIVE WEEKS after getting a Biofeld Harmonizer and moving the bed, a second bioresonance test showed no more signs of the water vein. As for my girlfriend, her sleep is very restful now too. 

Our plants are growing really fast and bloom incredibly beautifully and frequently. Overall, a great atmosphere in the house now. Even our cat loves the Biofeld Harmonizer! She has new favorite places, but most of all she loves to lie directly by the Biofeld Harmonizer ;-).

Biogeta team, we are very happy to have found you. According to my philosophy, “Health comes from harmony and balance”, you contribute a lot with your product. 

Thank you so much for this!!!

Best regards, stay healthy!!!

Heidelinde & Miriam


Miriam Boos-Cyppel


Traditional Chinese Medicineand scar removal



Dear Biogeta Team, dear Mr. Krüger, 

Due to very poor sleep and various physical issues, I looked at my girlfriend’s apartment with bioresonance in August of this year. I found in the bedroom, but also in the entire living area water veins, grids and grid intersections. As a result, my girlfriend discovered YOU 🙂 – Radiation Free Living – on the Internet.

The Biofeldformer and moving the bed showed after ONLY 5 weeks of retesting that no water vein was resonating anymore. I could find “only” one grid crossing in the entire apartment. With my girlfriend herself, since she has her new companion, some issues have been activated for the time being. I know this from homeopathy. In the meantime, her sleep is very restful. 

The plants grow gigantically fast and bloom incredibly beautifully and frequently. Overall, a great atmosphere can be felt. Our cat also loves the Biofeldformer, she has new favorite places, but most of all she loves to lie directly by the Biofeldformer ;-).

Dear Biogeta team, we are very happy to have found you. According to my philosophy of life: “Harmony/balance means health”, you contribute a lot with your product. 

Thank you so much for this!!!

Best regards, stay healthy!!!

Heidelinde & Miriam
Miriam Boos-Cyppel
Traditional chin. Medicine
and scar removal

Dear Mr. Krüger,

I am thrilled with your products. First I ordered the Biofeldformer (XL), then the complete rest of your assortment. I am at a loss for words, I would not have believed that such a thing was possible…

Since I have your products, I no longer need my alternative practitioner.

Thank you very much and best regards,
Juliane S.


Dear Mr. Krüger…

I have the already beautiful Biofeldformer again decorated something… I hope that it does not affect the effect 😬… Have added a string of lights with battery compartment!
By the way, it works very well, I can sleep well again!

Thank you for the great invention….

Jasmin Praxmarer


Dear Mr. Krüger,

we got our FM Biofeldformer – set at the beginning of January and set it up in the living room.

During the building biology house survey, a deflection of almost 90 degrees was indicated in the geological fracture in the bedroom with the angle rod.

I was able to reproduce the same thing myself with my angle rod.

After setting up the Biofieldformer, there was no rash in either the living room or the bedroom.

Since I still wanted to see the distribution via the power grid, I unplugged the Biofeldformer. After that, a slight rash was again visible in the bedroom.

After the renewed plugging in was nowhere a rash !

This is a clear measurement for me !

I read a book a long time ago in which an official investigation of sleeping places of citizens who had died of cancer was carried out in German cities. In most cases earth rays were measurable. We have also received the same info from you again.

In the meantime, my wife’s and my sleep problems have been significantly reduced, although we have moved back into our bedroom.

My wife has a throbbing feeling only a few days before full and new moon, but it is not identical with the pulse. However, this has also become weaker and weaker recently.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that everyone must decide for themselves whether they want to take the risk of a disturbed sleeping place.

With the Biowaver, the taste of the drinking water is significantly changed and we put one on our Grander – device, we also have one under our water jug and under our bed. Furthermore, we use the trailers and feel well protected.

Thank you very much for your devices, which have brought us a significant improvement. 

With kind regards from Salzburg

Karl Krieger


Hello Mr. Krüger,

The reason for my purchase of the Biofeldformer was the experience of stressful tension in my living quarters, which I felt had increased recently. Actually, I am a good sleeper. But lately I woke up several times almost every night and felt like I was under electric power that I couldn’t turn off. Even yoga only helped temporarily.

So I decided to take the step to buy this device, certainly also because there was a possibility to try it out. And it was the first moment after connecting the BioFieldformer to the mains that was the most surprising – the perception of space into which I could relax arose in my immediate experience.

This perception of space has now become the familiar state, where we again feel we have room to live. The previously felt thunderous interference frequency can no longer be experienced. I experience the biowafer in a similarly positive way. One is under my bed, another one I use to upgrade my drinking water.

Again, initially a very strikingly different experience than before. I developed such a thirst for the water in the first few days, as if it contained nutrients that I absolutely needed. In the meantime, this craving has normalized and tastes good.

I see the experience of space in particular as essential in our day and age. This sets a salutary counterpoint to the constantly sprinkling variety of information and frequencies.

I will continue to listen to what I can consciously perceive and experience. In any case, I experience effectiveness in the direction of relief and balancing. In this sense, have a nice evening and thank you,

Christine Schwandt


Dear radiation-free-living team,

my name is Mathilde ** . I was born on 10.11.2020 four days after the calculated date in Berlin. With 52 cm and 3180 grams I was born after 5h in the delivery room with dream measurements naturally and without PDA healthy and cheerful. My parents say that I am something very special. Electrosmog reduction and your biofield shaping were there from the beginning …

Thank you so much for such a great start in life! Without your work I would not exist. ❤️

Love greetings 

Mathilde and dad Sebastian P. 


Dear Mr. Krüger,

Thank you very much for sending us the “Biofeldformer” and the “Bio-Wafer”.

In the meantime, I have been using the “Biofeldformer” for about a week and feel very comfortable with it.

For several years I have been working and living in a high-rise building and gradually developed various health problems due to high exposure to electricity and radio waves (elevator motor, night storage heating and radio towers in the immediate vicinity).

In addition, there is a considerable geopathic stress which, due to the altitude of my apartment and my naturopathic practice, has a much stronger effect than on the lower floors.

For the current interference suppression, I previously needed 4 devices from another provider to be able to be in the house at all.

Due to the multiple stresses in my home and practice, I developed extremely high blood pressure, which was virtually untreatable with both naturopathic and conventional medications.

I could only mitigate the geopathic disturbances somewhat, but unfortunately not eliminate them, since the devices for current interference suppression and the measures against the geopathic stresses interfered with each other or, in some cases, completely cancelled out the effect of the devices.

Since things were getting so difficult in my living and working situation, and my health was only slightly improving with the measures I was taking, I was increasingly thinking about moving to another house.

In the process, I continued to look for ways to clear interference, also to be able to help my patients who were struggling with similar problems to my own.

When I found your website, I got new hope that I could still find a way to stay in the high-rise building, despite the many stresses and strains of my living and working situation.

As an alternative practitioner, I was able to test the positive effect of the “Biofeldformer” for myself in advance and noticed an improvement in my health situation relatively quickly after the device was put into operation.

I felt relaxed and calm, like I hadn’t in a long time.

Meanwhile, my sleep quality is very good again. I sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.

My allergic tendency is clearly receding and my blood pressure values are now almost within the normal range.

After a few days I experienced a slight healing reaction of my skin, as my body is now more able to excrete toxins….

This initial reaction, which is already known to me from the treatment with homeopathy, however, also receded relatively quickly.

In addition, I began to use a homeopathic remedy to drain the radiation stored in the body and now I also use the water energetically processed with the “Bio-Wafer”.

I am sure that with your inventions you will be able to help many people in the future to stabilize their health through a good quality of living and life and thus also create a basis to significantly increase the effect of naturopathic treatments.

All the best and warm regards to you and your family,

Simone shield

alternative practitioner, Pirmasens


Dear Sir or Madam,

we now have 2 Biofeldformer at home and in the company in use. In addition Womo, Car, Phone Chips and chains.

After a few days we already had the feeling to sleep better. Now my husband thinks that his aches and pains in the limbs have also gone back 😉.

R. Schmitt


Hello Mr. Krüger,

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to test the Biogeta-Home S.

Approximately one hour after activating the Biogeta-Home S, I could no longer detect geopathogenic disturbances by means of a rod (two angled brass wires) in any of my living rooms (58 square meters), which were previously present in several places. Also, I had to complain about strong disturbances on a wall to the neighboring apartment, with my “Acousticom 2” (Electrosmog Detector), which have now greatly weakened and are predominantly in the “green area”.

I have not told my partner about the installation of the device until today, (I was able to put it well camouflaged, in a corner behind a large flower pot). So I could determine the following with her “without placebo effect”: Already after two days her “winter depression” was completely gone (from which I also had to suffer from time to time). She was and still is in a much better mood and sings and whistles a little song now and then. Furthermore, on three days she had to deal with strong “evaporation” under the left arm/armpit, so that she washed several times a day and changed blouses more often.

For myself, I have noticed the following: Significantly more energy during sports. Some exercises are much easier for me to do. My mind is clearer and I am calmer and more relaxed overall. Then, on three consecutive days, I had severe pain in my left foot in the evening (almost like a toothache). Whether this has anything to do with her Biogeta-Home S is of course difficult to prove. However, it could well be that a blockage has been released by the biofield harmonization.

In summary, I can say that the test has really paid off, because all the above can not be a coincidence. I was most convinced by my test with rod and E-Smog Detector, which can in no way be a “placebo effect”. It is quite clear: your Biogate-Home S works exactly as postulated!

What you have created here is really absolute master class and not “Murks”, as some others offer. Once again, many thanks for this Mr. Krüger!

The very best regards,

Ronald Ehlert

P.S.: If you like, feel free to use the above text as “customer feedback”, including my full name.


Hello Mr. Krüger,

we have bought a Biogate FM Biofeldformer L on 03.06.2018. We are very satisfied and would like to buy a second device for my sister. I can no longer measure stress with bioresonance. Am the owner of a Rayonex device PS 10.

Sincerely yours,

Sandi Hesse


Hello Mr. Krüger,

Thank you first of all for sending the Biogeta device to Mallorca. We have it now for 10 days in use and I myself noticed already after ca.10 min the certain tingling in the fingers.

The next night, my husband and I slept quite restlessly. Meanwhile, everything has settled down and we now get out of bed better in the morning.

Thank you again, I have already recommended you to a patient – here in Mallorca – who will certainly contact you in the near future.

Many greetings from Mallorca,

Petra Knöpfle


Hello, Mr. Krüger!

First of all I would like to tell you that since I started using the Biofeldformer I sleep super deep and wake up completely refreshed early in the morning. Super!!!

In addition, our water is now really noticeably soft thanks to the Biogate-Water module. I notice this especially when brushing my teeth and on my skin. Great!!!

Thank you for coming!

Kind regards from Neustadt,

Dagmar Kunz


Good morning, dear Mr. Krüger,

The Biogate Home Test Module was great! I had no doubts about the effect. Nevertheless, I was surprised how quickly it occurred. Already in the first hour after the start-up I felt clear tingling in the body, which was however not unpleasant. During the night it became stronger, so that I did not sleep very well due to the otherwise unusual emotions. From the second night on, it got noticeably better and my sleep also became deeper – that’s exactly how I knew it as a child. 

Thank you for bringing back my childhood sleep! 😉

I would like to purchase more products from you to increase my health and energy level, so that I will be visiting your website a lot in the near future. 😀 I will never give the Biogeta away again! 

Please keep up the good work and I hope many more will follow in your footsteps or similar ones, helping people to find peace, tranquility and above all health,

All the best to you and your clan and warm greetings from Berlin.

in great gratitude, 

Your S.


Hello Mr. Krüger,

Within the framework of my veterinary practice (focus on bioresonance), I have been dealing with geopathies and the like for decades and can also localize them. Often they can not be avoided, because the space conditions do not allow it

I’ve been testing their Biofeldformer (bought used) in my home for a few months, as I have significant physical problems due to geopathies, etc (for years and in different homes). I have tried a lot of things in the past, from little effect to costly to produce.

I like your system very much. Energetic testing finally show no more geopathies etc for me! 😁

Kind regards

Andrea Lübke


Dear Sebastian!

I would like to write down my long overdue positive feedback on the Biofeldformer.

After a long desire to have children, our first child was born healthy in 2016. Sleep was scarce after that and our child was a rather poor sleeper.

I first became aware of you in 2018 and gradually became aware of how carelessly I, or we as a family, dealt with the issue of radiation and sleep. Little by little, I changed some things, Wi-Fi shutdown at night, etc..

In December 2018, I installed the Biogeta Biofeldformer in the house and my sleep as well as our son’s sleep improved noticeably. (My husband is always a good sleeper anyway ;)) Also, he was not sick once that winter….

it was also exciting that the spagyricist I was in contact with noticed that an energetic change must have happened in my environment.

Then in July 2019 I got pregnant again and what can I say… we had twins and I’m pretty sure that the harmonization in the house had an insanely positive effect on my inner balance and thus also on the hormone balance. Otherwise – I think – it would not have come to this double happiness.

The twins are fit and healthy and sleep well. At least better than big brother did back then.

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!!!

Kind regards Famille S.


Good day Mr. Krüger

with great interest I received your book 25 practice tips from a customer. A great compliment for this “book”. It contains all the important tips that I also give to my customers. Nothing is missing, everything that is really important is mentioned in it. Bravo!

I have been working as a freelance electrobiologist in the greater Bern area for 7 years and also perform electrobiological measurements on behalf of doctors. I am myself strongly affected by electrosensitivity since 2008 and therefore know very well about the problem.

I would like to ask you if I could give your brochure to my customers free of charge. I think it is important to pass on all the important tips in a condensed form and thus make more and more people aware of the topic of electrosmog.

Your book contains everything under one hat. If this is possible, I look forward to receiving some of your copies.

With best regards from Switzerland
Graziella Maiano


Dear Radiation Free Team,

we are very satisfied with the Biofeldformer; finally we can sleep well at night again.

Linke family


Good morning Sebastian,

Your website appealed to me from the beginning, and as it is when you listen to your intuition, so my decision was made for the FM Biofeldformer. 

I already got the set yesterday, It was so fast with the delivery, thank you very much. 

I find the device beautifully noble, this quite apart from the function it will develop with me. It is since yesterday 18.00 clock in “action” with me.

My cat quickly noticed that something was different. Her facial expressions were unusual. The looked around with big eyes, as if disturbed, she did not stay on my bed tonight, for me a sign that the negatively charged energy, which cats like to seek, already felt different on my bed….

I expect exciting experiences in the next weeks and will surely report further.😊 

One more thing: I got the idea to test the shipment I received yesterday with the pendulum.

Wow…what a super energy was indicated by my pendulum. Incredible! 

Many greetings from near Freiburg

And thanks again



Hello dear team from strahlenfrei-wohnen.

Yes of course I agree, if you pass on the good, healing effect of the ‘Biogeta’.

We (my partner and I) have it now since 02.10.2020 in the socket. Since then, our alternative practitioner can not measure any loads that were measurable by geological stress or e-smog or water veins.

We sleep much more relaxed and have hardly any wake-up phases.

It has calming effect on us in everyday life, more later.

Best regards,
Ute Puschkat and Burkhard Kroll.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am thrilled with your products. First I ordered the Biofeldformer (XL), then the complete rest of your range. I am at a loss for words, I would not have believed that such a thing is possible.In the meantime, I have ordered another chain for my husband and our youngest daughter, as well as a Biofeldformer Water for our camper. Of course I have also recommended you to others, including my alternative practitioner, whom I should keep informed about your products and the effect.

Since I have your products, I no longer need my healer 😉

Thank you very much and best regards, 

Juliane shrub


“When my husband put the Car – Module to use”.

My husband often had severe headaches in the car, he was always on the road with two smartphones!

Not just recently, but for several years!

The good experience with the BIOGETA Biofeldformer at home has changed everything!

After only two days, my husband’s headaches were a thing of the past!

Thank you very much!

Gabriele A.


Dear Mr. Krüger,

Thank you very much for the prompt sending of the Biofeldformer. I was very excited about the effect. Since we can also commute a little, I checked immediately after unpacking and plugging in the function.

I could no longer detect any interference.

It has been in operation for a week now and we can already see the positive effect. Most of the devices had no effect after a few days. We enjoy this device and hope that it will continue.

Thank you again and kind regards,

Fritz and Käthi H.


Hello, Mr. Krüger!

First of all, I would like to tell you that since I started using the BioFieldformer, I sleep super deep and wake up completely refreshed early in the morning. Super!!!

In addition, our water is now really noticeably soft thanks to the Biogate Water module. I notice this especially when brushing my teeth and on my skin. Great!!! Thank you for coming!

Kind regards from Neustadt,

Dagmar Kunz


Dear Mr. Krüger,

I would like to use the occasion of the further development of your Biofeldformer to express our thanks and confidence in you.

In September last year, I ordered the size M Biofeldformer from you for my daughter. She and her partner had been trying unsuccessfully to have a child since July 2018. Since she lives in the city of Dresden in a 17-family house and I am well aware of the problems of e-smog and radiation exposure, I decided to give her this device. 

What can I say, since the turn of the year she is now pregnant and we are all very excited about the baby in September! She was able to cancel the appointment at the fertility clinic in time!

Many warm greetings from Dresden,

Kathrin Bischoff


Hello Mr. Krüger,

I am happy to send you my positive feedback.

I moved to Pfinztal in March 2015. After a short time, my chronic migraine had worsened – from 1 attack per month to 3- 4 attacks per month.

At first I suspected that the move from Lake Constance to Pfinztal was emotionally stressful. It is not so easy to pull down all the tents after 26 years and start anew. Homeopathy and acupuncture brought me only a slight improvement. In addition, I constantly had a “mud bulb” and I suspected that something “UNGUT” was forming there.

My girlfriend suddenly felt the need to buy a living room harmonizer, which seemed very suspicious to me. So I started to research and landed on your homepage. While working in my naturopathic practice, I have always been able to “measure” stresses caused by geopathology and ESmog and know their influence on human health.

The info on your homepage is very detailed and easy to understand. I immediately ordered a living space analysis.

Their measurement then showed that I had slept in the head area on a curry grid junction. Now I have since 2 months the Biogate L and am totally pleased that I had a MEGA attack after a short time (first aggravation??) – but now I am free of migraine attacks for two months!!! 

Yay … and I expect it to stay that way. Also the feeling of the “mud bulb” is gone. 

Keep researching … mankind needs such innovative products!


Dipl.Ing. Michaela Waigel



Dear Mr. Krüger,

thank you for the biogate home bio field former and for the bio wafer.

I use the Bio-Wafer to energize water and must say that I only want to drink the energized water. Also at work I always have the Bio-Wafer in my pocket and feel much better with it than without. I also like the Biofeldformer very much, I no longer give away J.

I can now sit at the computer without my head beaming. And I sleep very well now because of the Biofeldformer and wake up very relaxed. Also, my face is not as swollen in the morning as it used to be and I have noticed that my breathing has become much more natural. Also, when I walk in from outside, I immediately feel this harmonious energy field.

I grew up in the country and since I live in a small town, the electrosmog is a huge problem for me. I am very happy that I now have the Biofeldformer. It gives me back a piece of quality of life. The only thing I regret is that I did not buy the Biofeldformer much earlier. It is definitely worth the money and I will recommend their products to others.

Of course it would be ok for me if they publish my feedback on their site. I have already tried many things against electrosmog and their products really help me the best. And since I have long had in mind to buy something to energize water, I am sure that I will not go wrong with their Biogate Water module. If you want to be healthy, you have to drink healthy water. But I will order the water module only when I’m back from vacation.

Oh, by the way, I’ve noticed that I cope better with the heat with the Bio-Wafer. When I put it away at work, my concentration got much worse and I became downright limp, when I put the bio-wafer back in my pocket, it immediately got much better. I’ve also been watching my colleagues moan and groan in the heat for the last few days, but I just feel great despite the heat.

Then I’m looking forward to trying out their water module, I’m sure it won’t take me three months to decide.

Sincerely yours,

Viktor Stoll


Hello Mr. Krüger!

We are all more relaxed/rested since the harmonization.

Since then, our daughter sleeps through the night and is no longer so cold. When she sleeps in our bed, she stays straight and the best: the daily tantrums (at least 30 min long), are a thing of the past.

My husband no longer snores so loudly and digestion has improved.

I am more rested, more vital, my right hip no longer pinches and my good digestion has also improved. 

Many love greetings,

Ulrike Hoffstedde


Hello Mr. Krüger,

since harmonization all family members sleep deeper, calmer, better and feel much more relaxed and rested.

My friend’s husband and son were unaware of the Biogate module installation and both noticed the change and expressed it without being asked. Super!!!!

Thank you very much and best regards from Cologne,

Iris Nauer



Dear Mr. Krüger,

we are free of radiation 🙂

Thank you for sending us the device for interference suppression to get to know. Today we were at our alternative practitioner and all three of us had no more interference from electrosmog, electric fields or water veins.

We had also taken the device for bio-resonance analysis. Then, when I came home, I noticed that I got a headache without the suppressor.

Conversely, this was also the first tangible effect when they first went….

Thank you for the great invention!

Warm regards,

Eva Leonhardt


Dear Mr. Krüger, 

Thank you for allowing me to test your Biogate Home M and also the wafer. I myself am a building biologist PSA and of course have the Duplex at home along with some rayonators. I studied physics and therefore I know the physical basics. It was important for me to know if your devices work and therefore I can recommend them to my customers (which I now gladly do).

Their Biogate has a very nice design and is not as big and flashy as the Duplex, which some customers complained about. 

I wish you continued joy and all the best in their work. 

I think building biologists do a good job these days, especially when it comes to e-smog. Times are not getting better (but obviously the devices are). 

With kind regards 

Jutta Eggermann 


Hello Mr. Krüger, experience!

the first four days with the Biofeldformer, my husband and I slept a little more restlessly and less! But then our sleep normalized to sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed.

In recent years, my husband had to interrupt his sleep and urinate three times every night – even four times during heavy rain. This has improved considerably.

After we had the Biofeldformer in use, a bioresonance test was performed on my husband. The doctor’s statement: She rarely sees such a good test and only has to write such a short protocol. No geopathic interference fields could be detected! 

For myself, the bioresonance test before using the Biofieldformer indicated geopathic stress. – Well, my husband and I sleep in one bed!

We and also our dog seem a little more relaxed. Possibly it is a side effect: My man’s hair has become darker again and my scalp has improved.

Have had skin problems for about a year, as metals can still be detected in my body.

We are very glad and happy to have found your site and also to be able to help our son with it, who lives in an old farmhouse and has been constantly sick ever since.

Many love greetings,

G. + R. Albrecht

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