Finally Sleep Well Again!

Finally Sleep Well Again


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A BIOGETA® HOME module balances out stresses caused by electrosmog, radio and earth rays (geopathic stress) – and promotes your body’s self-healing powers.

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Sleep problems are often the result of environmental influences. If we eliminate these, the sleep disorders usually disappear as well.

To do this, follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1:

» Load Test «

Do a free self-test by answering 14 questions regarding your sleep and find out directly if you are sleeping on a water vein or have an e-smog load!

Step 2:

Free Webinar:

"What your sleeping place has to do with your health - and how to effectively protect yourself and your family from electrosmog, radio and earth radiation!"

Step 3:

EMF First Aid

Order my 90 pages book for free and learn how to minimize emf loads (e-smog) and radio pollution yourself and sustainably promote your health!

My name is Sebastian Krueger and as a building biologist I have examined far more than 1200 sleeping places in the entire german-speaking area.

The majority of my clients had sleep problems, closely followed by all sorts of health problems … which in turn were often the result of the sleep problems.

Many of my clients had tried all sorts of things. From taking sleeping pills regularly, to new mattresses, new beds, sleep masks, to monitored overnight stays in the sleep lab … where usually no problems were discovered.

From my point of view, this is completely logical, because sleep problems are often the result of environmental influences. E.g. electrosmog, radio pollution (e.g. mobile phones or WLAN) but also geological disturbances such as water veins, and fault lines.

And even if some people like to ridicule it, this knowledge is very old. The great scholar and physician Paracelus coined the following sentence several hundred years ago: “The most sceure way to ruin your health is a sick bed.

and at that time there was no electrosmog or radio …

Today we know that our body needs melatonin for important processes. This hormone is normally produced by our pineal gland during the night …

For example, melatonin ensures a peaceful sleep, and controls cell regeneration, the hormonal system … and even the inflow to the urinary bladder. That is why a doctor usually prescribes melatonin for sleep disorders! Because many of the aforementioned environmental stresses interfere with the body’s own melatonin production.

And no, a tin foil hat does not help 😉

In my numerous sleep studies with my “sleepless” clients, I have encountered similar scenarios time and again. And often the sleep disorders, some of which had been going on for years, disappeared into thin air within a short period of time.

Only by optimizing the sleeping place!

In this video, sleep expert Matt Walker explains why sleep is so important for our health – and why a sleep deficit inevitably leads to illness.

But even he does not name – and/or knows – the probably most common reasons for sleep disorders.

And that is exposure to electrosmog, EMF / radiowaves and earth radiation!


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The most secure method, to ruin your health, is a SICK BED!

Paracelsus | 1493 – 1541


What the great physician and healer Paracelsus already knew 500 years ago applies many times over today. At that time it was known that there were geological zones on which people should not sleep, but at that time there was neither electrosmog, microwave radiation, nor pollution.

Do you suffer from insomnia, tension, back pain, neck pain, migraine, concentration difficulties, unexplained headaches, nervousness, constant fatigue, rapid exhaustion, unfulfilled desire to have children, heart problems, cancer, rheumatism or other “chronic” diseases or illnesses where the cause is largely unknown? Or is it not working out with family planning (unfulfilled desire to have children)?

Then there is a possibility that your organism is disturbed by a water vein, electro smog, or other harmful earth radiation.

Why earth radiation and technical fields (Electrosmog, WiFi, Mobile Radio) harm us:

Through stress, no matter what kind, the autonomic nervous system constantly gets into the sympathetic nervous system. It is virtually the escape mode, in which metabolic processes in the body are altered, since a person on the run has other needs and has to perform better for a short time. To do this, the adrenal glands produce the hormone cortisol. This is a stress hormone that is used, among other things, as cortisone in conventional medicine. Through continuous stress, the body quickly begins to overacidify and gets out of balance.

Due to an overacidification of the body, the blood can no longer transport enough oxygen and bases must be drawn from the bones and other places. This creates an optimal environment for fungi, bacteria, viruses and cancer. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine as early as 1931 for his finding that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment because cancer cells, like fungi, are anerobic and burn sugar and carbohydrates instead of breathing oxygen.

It is important for the body that a balanced relationship is created between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems or vagotonus. This should be given in any case at night during sleep.

Vegetative stress can be generated by root-treated teeth, caused by electrosmog and high-frequency transmitters for mobile phones, WLAN, Bluetooth or cordless phones. But also by the permanent stay on geological interference zones such as water veins or faults.

The disturbances that cause such stresses can be shown in detail with a bioresonance device in the form of unbalanced frequency values and can be balanced within the framework of a therapy.

By a so-called biofield harmonizing these body-own frequencies can be balanced even directly in the house or in the dwelling, so that the body is not only protected, but even treated in the past loads up to the balance. Vegetative stress does not develop thereby at all. Many alternative practitioners and building biologists recommend this procedure.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting topic, click on the following link for more detailed information about biofield harmonizing and what options are available.

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