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At this point I would like to introduce myself with a few words and tell you why I have built up this blog and why it is a matter of the heart for me to make this subject area, which concerns us all, a bit more understandable for everyone, and thus perhaps help one or the other to a better life.

My name is Sebastian Krüger, I am 48 years young, happily married and the father of two small daughters. As a restless, inquiring and inquisitive mind, I spend a lot of time reading and writing about things that fascinate me. Since I was about 16 years old, I have been fascinated by radiesthesia, and the energies behind it, which are not visible to the naked eye.


As the son of a physicist and mathematician and a “good witch”, it has been a matter of concern for me since my childhood to connect the ethereal – that which cannot be measured with the currently known physical possibilities – with that which is generally known to us, that which can be proven scientifically, physically and empirically, or to question it.

In my youth, there was an elderly dowser couple in a neighboring village who bottled and sold their own water. One of their customers was my mother, and so it happened that the two were often with us and amazed me with their for me at the time “supernatural” senses.

They found our water veins, recommended remedies against them, and – to my greatest fascination – dejammed our jewelry. That all this really worked, they then demonstrated to me with the help of kinesiological muscle tests. This allowed me to physically and consciously feel and experience for myself for the first time that there is far more around us than we can see with the naked eye or grasp with our usual everyday senses.

I then started to deal intensively with these topics and quickly realized that no “extrasensory” abilities are needed to do such things, but that we humans all possess this ability. We just stopped trusting our intuition at some point. But more about that in another place … 🙂

How I came to my profession

I am often asked how I came to my current profession, and whether it is possible to study it that way. In short, it was basically a sequence of seemingly unrelated events, but in retrospect they all make absolute sense.

I have experienced firsthand how much geopathic interference zones, electric fields, and especially stress can massively burden the body and lead to severe symptoms, which are drastically combated by conventional medicine, but usually without looking for the causes and the underlying relationships. More about this later.

After an initial training as a media designer and a subsequent employment in a media agency, I started in my early 20s in self-employment with its own recording studio, and had the great privilege to fly a few years around the world and perform with different projects at various events. The music we produced back then was primarily about building a consistent ongoing trance experience for the dancers. So basically very similar to my work today, where it is also about interpreting and building vibrational fields and balancing, amplifying or clearing frequencies.

Although I was successful with it, a feeling kept knocking at my door that there would be something else in my life, and so a few years later I started a small snowboard business together with my brothers in Winterberg in the beautiful Hochsauerland, consisting of a snowboard school and an adjacent store. In a few years, this small idea turned relatively quickly into a medium-sized company with four stores, a large online store with 20 employees, and a snowboard school with two stations in two ski resorts.

When at some point technical problems threw our online store off track for almost a year and I spent most of my time discussing with business consultants, bankers, or programmers, I gradually slid into a severe burnout. Nothing was fun anymore, I lost interest in everything I used to do, withdrew socially and gained some kilos.

After we finally had to close the online store due to the long outage and the whole project got back into calm waters, I suddenly found myself on the stretcher at a heart specialist with severe heart problems, shortness of breath and dizziness. Suspicion of a heart attack! Fortunately, my symptoms were not the effects of a heart attack, but a so-called cardiac anxiety syndrome, a psychogenic heart disorder caused by multiple stress. Or simply burnout!

The attending physician asked me, with a very serious face, how long I would like to hold on to this life. That was a good question and I had to think about it first – especially since I wasn’t even in my mid-thirties.

After a few weeks of intense reflection, I then made some very important decisions. I withdrew from the joint company, and thus had enough time to occupy myself with things that really interest and fascinate me. I enrolled in a psychology degree program (which I eventually dropped out of, as much of it just didn’t interest me), did my Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy at the same time, then trained as a talk therapist, and attended many interesting seminars and lectures.

Basically, dealing with primarily psychological factors was a kind of self-therapy for me in order to ultimately come to terms with the burnout I had previously experienced. What became clear to me over time, however, was the fact that there are always several factors that lead to a certain symptom and basically have one thing in common.


I remembered my youth and my experience with the dowser couple, who sold my mother water and incidentally cleared the interference zones in our house, and I thought about whether it could still be the case today that the body is additionally stressed and weakened by the constant stay on geopathic interference zones, as well as the continuous bombardment with technical radiation, so that everyday situations, or everyday problems, which the person can normally put away, can lead to serious symptoms.

Since I was very interested in shamanism and radiesthesia earlier in my youth, it occurred to me to now also deal more with these topics again. In order to explain and understand a symptom or an illness it is important to look not only at the symptom level, but above all at the possible cause, the milieu and the factors that prevent the body from self-regulation or self-healing. Vegetative stress and resulting hyperacidity is an important factor here.

I began to deal intensively with radiesthesia, radionics and bioresonance and completed training as a dowser and finally as a building biologist. Through the intensive occupation with these highly exciting topics, my head was at some point so full of information that I began shortly thereafter to write it all down in the form of this blog.


In one of my trainings as a dowser I learned that there was no other way to deal with geopathic interference zones than to avoid them. With this belief I then went out and examined the first houses. However, the results were not satisfactory, neither for me nor for my clients. I had to realize that in a large part of the cases it was not at all possible to push all beds in the house to trouble-free places. So I often could not offer a constructive solution, and I feel bad for then charging money. So I was looking for a solution …

I started to get all available books on these topics, and by intensively studying great radiesthesists like Otto Höpfner, Anton Stangl, Hans Andeweg, and many others, as well as many experiments with different approaches, I then came to the realization how it can work, and started to develop the first harmonization modules, which work on interference basis. The BIOGETA® Bio-Wafers.

In the course of time, further modules were developed, which additionally actively regulate the body and are not only locally limited applicable, but can harmonize a whole house or apartment on several levels. The BIOGETA® FM biofield shapers. At that time they were designed to be attached to the main electricity meter – in the meantime the modules can simply be plugged into a socket and distribute the information via the electricity network throughout the entire house.

In addition, there is a small collection of other modules that have different uses and help people sleep better, stay healthier or get healthier again, concentrate better and longer, and be or become more resilient in many areas.

For many years I was on the road several times a week at customers all over Germany, and examined more than 12000 sleeping places for pollution by electrosmog, pollutants and earth radiation, and in the end always installed biofield-forming harmonization modules to compensate for the residual pollution that could not be shielded or switched off.

In the process, it was always amazing for me to see – and it still is – how quickly physical symptoms can disappear if you simply change your nighttime environment.

Diagnosis Lyme disease!

How much geopathic disturbances and electrosmog can burden the body, I then had to / was allowed to experience painfully on my own body a few years ago. Since then I see some things again with different eyes and experience similar disease and healing processes often with my customers.

I have been a physically fit and active guy all my life. Rarely sick, and always building, developing or learning something. In winter I was skiing or snowboarding, in summer kite surfing or riding my mountain bike in the woods.

However, when our second daughter was born, that suddenly changed. I suddenly got joint pain, stiff fingers, numbness, heart palpitations, and a complete lack of energy and rapid exhaustion. As soon as I did some sports, my muscles overacidified and I got strains, joint and tendon inflammations.

I went to the doctor and got the diagnosis “Lyme disease”, and resulting Lyme arthritis. That was a shock at first! I was prescribed a long-term antibiotic and the common therapy method for arthritis is chemotherapy, nicely described as basic therapeutics.

The problem is, antibiotics kill all microorganisms, even the good and beneficial ones, and create a permeable intestinal wall, the “leaky gut syndrome”, which allows toxins to enter the body and again cause vegetative stress. And with chemotherapy, everything is destroyed across the board and the body is completely overacidified in the process.

At the time, I was rebuilding our house, which we wanted to move into as soon as possible, or had to, because we had to move out of my current rental apartment at short notice due to personal requirements. So I worked in the house every day, did my other work in the evenings, and had to take care of my family with two small children on the side. At times I dragged myself through the days, and the pain got worse and worse.

After I had tried various things, some of which helped initially, the symptoms kept coming back. I was gradually afraid that I would soon end up in a wheelchair and was quite desperate. Then one day, when I was lying in bed and getting some rest, I felt that something was wrong there. My sleep was no longer a rest for me and I thought about what exactly was different from a few months ago when I was still doing well.

And suddenly it became clear to me. The scales fell from my eyes!

The following things had changed:

When my youngest daughter was born, life outside the womb with all its loud noises was too quiet for her, so she started screaming whenever we put her down for a nap.

I had already read the book “The Happiest Baby in the World” by the American pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp with our first daughter and knew that you could simulate the sounds in the womb with shush … sounds, and calm babies with it. So I thought about how I could create a noise without running the vacuum cleaner all night 🙂 .

The solution was an old CD radio, in which I set a jammer, so that it was constantly rushing. This worked great. The little one fell asleep quickly and quietly, and I could control the noise level from bed, or turn it down.

However, in order for the new crib to fit in the bedroom, I moved our current bed about a foot, so I now had another place to sleep, and the radio right next to me.

What I had not thought about, however, for reasons that are unfathomable from today’s perspective, was that I had precisely measured my bed space years before and had set it up on a good spot. Now, however, I slept on a different spot, and on top of that I had the strong alternating magnetic field of the radio in direct proximity to my body – and that all night long, because I usually just turned it down and did not switch it off.

When I examined my new sleeping place properly, it turned out that I slept every night exactly on a so-called curry grid crossing point (in my blog I wrote a separate article about this, because I encountered this point very often with my predominantly sick clients), which drained all my energy. In addition, the strong magnetic load from the coil in the radio and high alternating electric fields that have coupled to my metal bed.

In addition to the loss of energy, both geopathic interference zones and electrosmog pollution create vegetative stress, and disturb the melatonin production of the pineal gland!

In other words, the autonomic nervous system is permanently running in the sympathetic nervous system and feels like it is on the run. Many metabolic processes change as a result, and the body lacks the important regeneration phase, which is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. As a result, the body quickly becomes over-acidic, providing an optimal environment for fungi, bacteria and viruses.

In addition to my sleeping place problems, I had the stress with the house, and many “sour” thoughts, because I was not well at all, but I had to go through it somehow, I had a family to feed, the house and the move to finish …

After I became aware of the connections, the question arose whether these factors had not weakened my body to such an extent that bacteria, such as the Borrelia bacteria in my case, had the chance to become active in the first place – without being kept in check by an intact immune system? And was that also the reason why all therapeutic approaches brought no lasting success?

Today I clearly and loudly said “yes” to that. Definitely!

Because as soon as I had dejammed my bed and eliminated the electric fields, I started to feel better. A short time later we moved and within a few weeks my pain became less and less and I got more energy again. In the new house, I immediately took care to avoid technical fields as much as possible, at least at night, and the bed could also be positioned almost free of interference. The remaining stress was later compensated by a biofield-shaping bioresonance module (BIOGETA® FM Biofeldformer). 

In the meantime, we no longer live there, but I still have – wherever I live – an FM Biofeldformer active, and I take great care to minimize all technical loads as much as possible. Small hint at this point: How you can easily do this yourself at home, I explain in my book “Elektrosmog Soforthilfe”, which I only send against reimbursement of shipping costs.

Today, I rarely have a bit of muscle pain, but I can snowboard, kite surf, and romp with my kids again. I don’t take any medication, but regularly take nutritional supplements (primarily from FitLine), homeopathic remedies from time to time, and pay attention to my acid/alkaline balance.

Nothing major is seen or felt of arthritis anymore, and my body is again able to compensate for borellia or other bacteria through its immune system.

And that’s just by taking away an external load!

Since then, I have been able to observe similar courses of illness or recovery with many of my clients – provided that what we discussed after a home analysis was implemented.

My therapeutic approach is therefore to restore the regulatory capacity of the person by creating a healthy sleeping environment, so that he is again able to cope better with the demands and stresses of everyday life and to balance them himself, so that even in difficult phases of life one does not run directly into a burnout, or even a chronic disease.

From Paul Schmidt, the founder of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, comes the quote “the causal approach is the most sustainable”. The engineer Paul Schmidt has already found out in the 70s that certain regulatory frequencies of the body can be specifically triggered and balanced, and thus a therapy and healing in many areas is possible.

As a certified bioresonance therapist, I use this knowledge in my work to specifically identify and balance the frequencies that prevent the body from therapeutic success or sustainable health. In doing so, I have specialized in stresses caused by geopathic interference zones and electrosmog.

Sebastian Krüger

Building Biologist (PSA), Alternative practitioner (HPP),
Building Biology Measurement Technician (SBM),
trained. Bioresonance Therapist (PSA),
Conversation Therapist according to Carl Rogers,
Certified Dowser / Geopathologist,
Quantum Matrix 2-Point Level 2 Coach,
Certified Medical Product Consultant,
Book Author on the subject of Electrosmog,
developer and founder of BIOGETA®.

I have confidence in my perceptions. They are true for me. What I perceive, what I see, feel, hear and smell is the reality in which I live. I am inseparably connected with this reality, to deny it would ultimately mean to deny myself. Therefore, I consider my energetic perceptions to be true.

(Hans Andeweg – In resonance with nature)

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