Geopathic fault zones / earth rays

The topic of this essay is geopathy. In other words, loads brought on by faults or water veins that are caused by earth rays.

But first things first…

What exactly are geopathic zones?

We often distinguish between five potentially dangerous natural sources of radiation. specifically between the Hartmann, Curry, and Benker cube global lattices, as well as between the water veins, rock fractures, and faults.

The words geopathic and pathic are combined to form the phrase geopathic, which means “flowing from the soil” and “producing sickness,” respectively. To put it simply, they are radiation events that emanate from the ground and harm humans. This is not exactly accurate, though, as the global grid networks are magnetic grids that span the entire planet instead of emerging from it. For instance, many animals, including migratory birds, use them to orient themselves.

the commonly used name for earth

What are the effects of earth rays?

The effects of earth radiation can often be seen in nature in trees that grow at an angle or are twisted (these trees try to avoid the earth’s rays and are thus overgrown), bare patches on otherwise green meadows (although this can also be caused by electrosmog) or heavy moss growth, tumor formation on trees, and heavy ivy or nettle growth (both are radiation-seeking plants).

Radiation evader apple tree


Symptoms in humans include anxiousness, malaise, sleep difficulties, headaches, resistance to therapy, childlessness, stress, lack of energy, and a variety of chronic diseases such as cancer, MS, rheumatism, and many more.

It is critical to distinguish between radiation evaders (which include humans) and radiation seekers. What is hazardous to people who avoid radiation is useful to a cat or ant who seeks radiation. Similarly, constructive and energy-giving earth radiation is available to individuals who choose to avoid radiation.

It is, however, dependent on the appropriate dose. The Hartmann lattice’s positive crossing points are usually such places. In unusual circumstances, clockwise revolving water veins can be seen, depending on their intensity and length of stay.

How can we detect earth rays?

The most sensitive instrument is the human being. Our body feels these fine frequencies and vibrations. Even if we don’t believe in it! In my investigations, I experience again and again that – mostly the men – consider this type of apartment investigation to be esoteric “hocus-pocus” due to their conditioning. I always prefer these “convinced” materialists for my kinesiological muscle tests, and so far everyone – without exception – has reacted with a loss of strength in a disturbed place and with an increase in energy in a “good place”.

The following options can be used for detection:

  • Kinesiological tests (in the room, on interference zones, as well as tests for stress in the organism.
  • Radiesthetic measurements with a pendulum, tensor or divining rod
  • Resonance value tests with a bioresonance device, both on the fault zone (this allows the spectrum to be determined very precisely) and on stress caused by geopathic disturbances in the organism
  • HRV tests (heart rate variability measurement) of the body on a fault zone

For a layman, however, it is usually very difficult to clearly define a fault zone. This requires some experience and a few tools. However, you can just close your eyes and move around the room. Most of the time, you can quickly tell which seat you feel comfortable in and which one doesn’t. That’s what animals do, to which we humans, strictly speaking, also belong.

If you want to be absolutely sure, ask a building biologist for help, but make sure that he really knows the subject. Because, as briefly mentioned above, a water vein is not always the same water vein. There’s “good” and “bad” – and even the “good” have big differences.

Feel free to read the blog article: What are Bovi’s values?

Can I avoid a water vein or earth rays by moving my bed?

This is a very common question and the answer is  Yes!

You can avoid a fault, or the line of a global grid. But not a water vein. At least not sustainably. This can change its course at any time. Depending on the depth of the vein, it may intensify when it rains, or change course when there is construction in the neighborhood. Likewise, new veins can suddenly appear.

From time to time I notice that there are dowsers and dowsers out there who are of the opinion that earth rays must be avoided in any case. But my many years of experience from more than 1200 sleeping place analyzes have shown that this is often not possible.

I recently recorded a small video about this:

So what can you do against earth rays? How can you protect yourself?

Basically, there are only two effective approaches to counteract the problem, namely the following:

1. Cancellation of the “carrier wave” by an interference

The reason why a water vein can still be precisely detected, for example, on the top floor of a high-rise building is due to the extremely high frequency of the associated short waves. As a result, this radiation passes through almost every material and does not scatter. Comparable to a laser beam. Other frequencies are modulated onto this carrier wave, so it is a natural frequency modulation.

If you throw an opposing wave into the field at the same frequency but with reversed polarity, phase cancellation occurs – interference – and the wave collapses. This happens in nature, for example, when a right-handed water vein crosses a left-handed vein or a fault. In this case, the crossing points are more or less balanced and no longer harm us.

Wie oben bereits erwähnt, funktionieren die BIOGETA Bio-Wafer genau nach diesem Wirkprinzip. Legt man einen solchen Wafer auf eine linksdrehende Wasserader, oder direkt daneben, fällt das Feld zusammen, der Energiewert steigt wieder, und die spezifischen Frequenzspektren der geopathischen Störung lassen sich selbst mit einem Bioresonanz-Gerät nicht mehr feststellen. Das funktioniert wunderbar. Die einfachsten Mittel sind oft die effektivsten. Der große Wasserpionier und Freie Energie Forscher Viktor Schauberger hat es mit folgenden Worten beschrieben: “Die Natur kapieren und kopieren!”

2. Ausgleich der Frequenzen durch eine Biofeldformung

Bei der reinen Biofeldformung handelt es sich um eine Harmonisierung des Organismus. Sprich es wird an der Störzone in der Regel nichts verändert, sondern dem Körper entsprechende Ausgleichsfrequenzen zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Grundlage für das Verständnis dieser Art der Raumharmonisierung bietet die Bioresonanz Therapie. Paul Schmidt hat bereits Anfang der 70er Jahre erkannt und wissenschaftlich beschrieben, dass alles um uns herum, sowie vor allem auch in uns selbst in ganz bestimmten Frequenzen schwingt, bzw. bestimmte Frequenzwerte bestimmte Regulationen im Körper auslösen und steuern.

Jede Frequenz besitzt beide Polaritäten, also plus und minus. Kommt es zu einem Ungleichgewicht in einem der Frequenzwerte – also zu einer Polaritätsverschiebung – entsteht Disharmonie und später meist Krankheit. Hält sich ein Mensch beispielsweise auf einer Störzone – z.B. hervorgerufen durch eine Wasserader – auf, verschiebt sich auf einer Frequenz (bzw. mehreren bestimmten Frequenzen) die Polarität, und der Körper wird geschwächt. Wenn man die entsprechenden Frequenzwerte aber kennt, kann man sie dem Körper im Raum mithilfe von speziellen Resonatoren, oder als reine Information zur Verfügung stellen und der Körper wird im Falle einer Belastung direkt “therapiert”. Bzw. kommt es bei einer funktionierenden Biofeldformung gar nicht erst zu der Belastung, da der Körper die fehlenden Polaritäten fortlaufend zur Verfügung gestellt bekommt.

Meine Empfehlung:

With FM biofield formation, the BIOGETA FM biofield shapers manage to balance the body’s polarities – in the case of earth radiation and electrosmog – as well as to measurably eliminate the spectrum of geopathic interference zones. In this case, FM stands for frequency modulation, because the frequencies balancing are modulated onto the 50Hz of the house electricity and are thus available throughout the house or the entire apartment.

In addition to the biophysical frequency values, many other harmonizing affirmations are integrated into the system and ensure a harmoniously balancing field of vibration. Also an interferent frequency to that of earth radiation – which is also the basis of the bio-wafers that have been successfully used in practice for years (as already described above).

After using an FM biofield shaper, even with a state-of-the-art bioresonance device (PS10 or PS1000 from Rayonex), once the module is installed, not a single frequency base value of a geopathic disturbance can be determined. Previously tested strains in the organism also usually disappear within a few weeks. And even dowsers report that after using a biofield shaper they no longer get a rash on disturbances.

Test a BIOGETA® FM biofield former without obligation and risk-free for a whole 3 months and see for yourself! We grant a right of return of 3 months on the BIOGETA modules! 

Sebastian Krüger - Heilpraktiker, Baubiologe

Sebastian Krueger

Building biologist (PSA), naturopath (HPP), building biology measurement technician (SBM), certified Carl Rogers talk therapist (PSA), certified dowser / geopathologist, Quantum Matrix 2-Point Level 2 Coach, certified medical device consultant, book author on electrosmog, developer and founder of BIOGETA®