"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

Can water veins be shielded, diverted or earth rays be removed?


Is it possible to shield a water vein or to remove earth rays?

the field of dowsing, there is probably no more polarizing topic than
that of interference suppression. Countless manufacturers propagate true
miracles through specially manufactured interference suppression mats,
special cork floors, antennas, electrical equipment and much more.

old warriors among the dowsers reject each kind of the Entstörung,
partly from justified caution, partly in addition, from pure ignorance,
however still strictly. But it would be unfair to stamp all approaches
and ideas for the conversion of Entstörmaßnahmen sweepingly as
Scharlatanerie, because there are not few humans, who made themselves to
the topic “water vein shield or entstören” many thoughts, and with
different methods noticeable and measurable successes to exhibit can.

the rejection is based on a lack of understanding of the possibilities,
so I would like to introduce and briefly explain some techniques.

So can you now shield a water vein or remove earth rays?

“What are earth rays? Are water veins also earth rays?

Avoiding a water vein

The first basic rule should always be to avoid the interference zone as best as possible (or – ideally – to have the building site examined for geopathic interference zones before construction begins, and to select the sleeping and working areas accordingly).

at this point I must point out that under certain circumstances a bed
change is only a short-term solution to the problem, because water veins
sometimes “wander”, that is, can change their location from time to

This would then lead to renewed – again undetected – stresses.

can be caused by prolonged and heavy rainfall, which increases the
water pressure and causes new water veins to form (although these
usually only “radiate” for a short time and are relatively harmless).
But also groundwater subsidence and vibrations of the ground, e.g. by
ramming sheet pile walls or construction work in the area can lead to
changes in the course of water veins.

It is also often little
noticed that even here in germany light earthquakes occur almost every
year. Although these do not usually cause houses to collapse, they are
certainly sufficient to change the course of water veins and to cause
cracks in the ground – i.e. rock fractures or faults – to form anew.

severe droughts can contribute to this. 2018, for example, was such a
year. Due to the months of drought over the summer, new fractures formed
in the soil and we were suddenly able to measure a number of new fault
lines that were not there before.

Is therefore an evasion of the
interference zones, for housing or construction reasons not possible
(which is unfortunately today often the case), or you want to play it
safe, would remain only the move to another apartment or house. But even
here there is a risk that after some time suddenly appear new water
veins or faults.

Therefore, in relation to earth rays, it usually
boils down in the end to the realistic possibility of interference
suppression, neutralization, or harmonization of earth rays and water

Since I am often asked about this by desperate sufferers, I
will present a few of the common methods in the following article, and
finally describe my own – and in my experience also absolutely effective
– method of sleep disorder, or harmonization.

” How do I know that I have a water vein under my bed?
“Where can I get help in finding and detecting water veins?

Objects for the shielding of water veins or rising earth radiation

are usually mats or special (cork) floors positioned under the bed or
work area, if possible, with the aim of shielding the upward rising
earth radiation and directing it around the corresponding sleeping,
working or other occupied area.

In my previous practice, however, I
unfortunately had to experience cases in which I discovered, for
example, a strongly “radiating” water vein across the sleeping area of a
cancer patient, and I learned afterwards from the patient that he
already knew about the vein, but had shielded it many years ago with a
special radiation protection mat.

In another case, a corresponding earth radiation mat could only reduce about 10% of the radiation, and the corresponding Bovis values were in a very harmful range despite the earth radiation protection mat. 

This leads me to conclude that either the mats never really protected, or the protection was lost after some time.

Of course, this can certainly not be generalized so easily. However, one should be aware that the mostly left-turning radiation
is extremely high oscillating and thus very short-wave, and even on the
top floor of a high-rise building is still precisely measurable. (I
have written a detailed explanation in the article “About earth radiation and water veins” under the point “What is so harmful about earth radiation “).

to some suppliers of special shielding mats, among other things, a
special cork is used, which – coming from a radiation-seeking plant –
itself acts on the subtle level.

However, such a mat, lying
directly on an interference zone, would also not protect against
laterally incoming interference sources, which were deflected by
antennas or mirrors, for example. Nor from the effects of global grid
systems such as the Currygitte or the Benker-Kuben grid.

grids do not come from the earth – so cannot be shielded by a mat under
the bed – but are magnetic, three-dimensional grids.

If a
previously described mat is used, it is important to regularly measure
the energetic load as well as the health and vital values, in addition
to the localization of the water vein or
interference zone, and thus to check the protection of the mat at
regular intervals. However, since this is usually not possible, I
generally advise against this kind of interference suppression of earth
rays and water veins.

“Do earth rays cause cancer?

Antennas for the detour of water veins 

the so-called bypass antennas or radiation protection antennas, an
appropriately constructed antenna is usually positioned in the basement
of a house in such a way that the rising radiation of a water vein, an
earth grid crossing or another geomantic disturbance is “diverted”, and
thus the zone to be suppressed – mostly the sleeping area – is freed
from harmful radiation.

If it really works, however, there is a
great danger that the diverted radiation is distributed in a quasi
uncontrolled manner, so that neighboring apartments, or other rooms in
the house, may suddenly be affected by radiation falling in from the
side, and this is easily overlooked during an inspection.

None of
the shielding mats mentioned in point 1, for example, will protect
against this type of radiation. By the way, the same effect can also be
caused by springs of an innerspring mattress, metal objects or
reinforced concrete. This is one of the reasons why sometimes the
measurement results can vary somewhat from floor to floor.

It is
also possible to clear the sleeping area with simple smooth glasses.
This works on a similar principle to that of the ley lines or lines of
force guided by stones, which connect ancient ritual and power places. I
haven’t tried this myself yet, but I found the approach very
interesting. However, the danger of uncontrolled distribution to
neighboring rooms would be too risky for me. In addition, one must
regularly check the exact position of the glasses radiesthesically.

So this method is also not suitable for clients or laymen who cannot make detailed measurements themselves.

” How to measure earth rays and find water veins?

Reversal of a water vein 

As already described under “Polarization”, the direction of rotation of a water vein
is of crucial importance about its effects in the organism. The
polarity is determined by the fact that electromagnetic waves do not
radiate linearly, but in a corkscrew-like manner (in spin resonance).

the waves are emitted in a clockwise direction, they are referred to as
“clockwise”. If this happens counterclockwise, one speaks of
“counterclockwise”. Many measurements and field reports have confirmed
that left-handed resonance radiation can have a damaging effect on
organs, whereas right-handed radiation tends to affect nerve cells. A
clockwise resonance, depending on the strength and duration one is
exposed to it, has an uplifting, growth-promoting, energizing and
beneficial effect (This is why all food and ideally also drinking water
should be clockwise).

Far over 90% of the water veins are left-turning and radiate thus – for humans as “radiation fugitives ” – a damaging energy, and/or they withdraw energy from us, as one can determine by determination of the appropriate Bovis values.
The trick of reversing the polarity is to reverse the polarity of a
corresponding water vein slightly above in the direction of flow, and
thus still have a measurable water vein under the sleeping or living
area, but which now no longer draws energy and no longer has a
left-turning effect, but a right-turning effect.

Basically, this
method is certainly one of the more useful, but it does not protect
against other interference zones such as grids, faults and rock

In some cases a water vein can change its polarity by
itself. For example, if it changes its course and suddenly flows through
a crystalline structure. However, in my experience, this is at most
very rarely the case.

“Can anyone detect water veins? Is it possible to learn?
“Where can I find help with earth rays and water veins?

Room harmonization through geometric structures and shapes

may sound a bit incomprehensible at first sight why an object placed on
a certain spot of the room or apartment can change the energy of the
whole room. But when you consider that our entire universe is made up of
frequencies, it makes perfect sense.

First, we must try to
understand that everything around us is vibrating energy. Our mind
interprets from incoming signals through our sense receptors as “solid”

Every body, every stone, every leaf, simply everything has
its very own vibration frequency. Likewise, every symbol and every shape
has its own frequency and information. For example, through octave
resonance, it is possible to change the vibrational frequency of the
surrounding space and also of our body through a certain geometric

In homeopathy and radionics circles, for example, it is
quite normal that globules are produced with the help of symbol cards –
there is a large database for this in England. The corresponding symbols
vibrate in the same frequency as certain active substances, e.g. arnica
or pulsatilla.

This information is then transferred to the
globules and perform their, now even recognized by traditional medicine
effect. Erich Körbler “invented” the so-called New Homeopathy (basically
it is an ancient shamanic practice) in which healing is done through
symbols – i.e. through octave resonance. The Indian Sanjeevinis and many
other symbol systems like Larima and Antares symbols are also based on
this knowledge.

If you look a little closer at the subject, you
inevitably get a slightly different attitude to many current “fashion
symbols” such as pentagrams (virtually every star on flags, in the
media, on clothing, etc … is a pentagram) or skulls.

When I do
kinesiology muscle testing with my clients during my examinations, I
always like to include a few skull-printed t-shirts or other accessories
from my clients’ children’s rooms, and the same result of complete loss
of strength always occurs.

» Why can certain symbols draw energy from us and harm us?

Biofield forming devices

forming is basically a direct harmonization of the organism. That is,
as a rule, nothing is changed at the interference zone, but the body is
provided with corresponding balancing frequencies in real time.

basis for understanding this type of room harmonization is provided by
bioresonance. Paul Schmidt has already recognized and scientifically
described at the beginning of the 70s that everything around us, as well
as especially in ourselves, vibrates in very specific frequencies. Each
frequency has both polarities, plus and minus. If there is an imbalance
in one of the frequency values, i.e. a polarity shift, disharmony
arises and later usually illness.

For example, if a person stays
on an irritation zone – e.g. caused by a water vein – the polarity
shifts on one or more certain frequencies and the body is weakened. If
one knows the corresponding frequency basic values, one can make them
available to the body in the room with the help of special resonators
(dipole antennas) or as pure information.

The best-known analog
Biofieldformers are supplied by the Rayonex company, whose founder was
Paul Schmidt himself. The approach of the Duplex series is to make the
full frequency spectrum available in both polarities in space.

to the law of resonance, the body only uses what it needs. That is, if
there is a deficit of a plus polarity in a certain frequency, it gets it
directly, or can help itself to it.

Basically, this kind of
harmonization is one of the useful ones, because the weakening of the
body is directly compensated. However, the interference zone itself is
not neutralized, because the carrier frequency of earth radiation is
higher than the natural spectrum of cosmic-terrestrial energy, from
which a Duplex generates the frequency spectrum.

So if I do a
rotation test in the interference field after a home harmonization with a
duplex, I get a free signal, i.e. the body does not experience any
weakening. However, if I then re-measure the interference zone with a
Bioresonance device, I still get the indication of the corresponding
interference frequencies.

The advantage of a duplex is that it can
harmonize a whole house (up to a certain size) and that you can connect
other modules – for example, to harmonize electrosmog. The
disadvantage, however, is that you really have to take care of it (it
must be regularly showered off and kept dust-free, otherwise the
polarities will shift and it will then not only become ineffective, but
it can then also do harm) and that a building biologist must set it up.

can order one of these for free, but I believe – and have often
experienced – that you have to screw it into your CRP (Critical Rotation
Point) for it to work properly.

In addition, it must be free from
interference, that is, not placed on any water vein, fault or grid
lines – which makes it virtually unsuitable for the layman.

I have gained a lot of experience with the Duplex, as I have often come
into contact with it as a PSA building biologist, and have also had to
“adjust” it on customers’ premises.

In my own research, however, I
have found a way to decouple the Duplex. This means that you can place
it in the middle of a water vein, and it will not only work perfectly,
but it will also delete the high-frequency carrier frequency in the
entire house, so that you will get an interference-free field as a
result of the test with a bioresonance device. I explain the basics of
this in the following point.

Effective neutralization of water veins, earth radiation and interference zones through interference

me, the most sensible method of “de-radiation” consists in neutralizing
the left-turning, energy-absorbing radiation, which is harmful to the
organism, by means of phase cancellation – i.e. so-called destructive

There are different approaches and different
products on the market for this and the approaches are sometimes very
different. Basically, a certain vibration frequency is used to
neutralize a lower frequency.

If I place an energized object, e.g.
a piece of energized silicon, with an appropriate frequency
(important!) and a strength of 15,000 Bovis in a room, I can still
measure the field at a distance of about 3 meters. It becomes somewhat
weaker, but it is still perceptible.

If I then place this object
e.g. on a diagonal line of the curry-grid, at which I could measure
before only 4,000 Bovis and left-turning – thus a discharge -, not only
the field changes immediately to over 10,000 Bovis right-turning, but it
also neutralizes the discharging radiation in the further course of the
grid line – of course only in a certain radius. The same happens with a
left-turning water vein.

This type of harmonization changes the
overall vibration of the room, so that the radiation caused by earth
rays loses its harmful effect. For this purpose, as I said, there are
different approaches and devices / objects of different sizes that
create fields of different sizes. You can even use a glass of energized
water to improve an interference zone for a short time, but you should
change the water every few days, because at some point it becomes
“saturated” and subtly toxic, and loses its harmonizing effect. By the
way, this happens at some point with many materials. Therefore, you
should inform yourself in advance exactly and regularly “control

The most important thing when considering this
subject is the knowledge of the corresponding frequency of the
disturbance. Physically, every kind of radiation has a certain
frequency, and – in this polarity in which we live – also a
corresponding charge.

To be able to cancel a frequency physically,
it requires an exactly same frequency – but with opposite polarity. In
order to be able to cancel a frequency, one must know first in which
height it oscillates, in order to neutralize it then with an
interference of opposite polarity.

The Bio-Wafer
Harmonizers, which we produce for this purpose and which have been and
are still being used successfully many thousands of times, possess
exactly this ability. On the one hand, they “extinguish” the rising
radiation through interference, and at the same time build up a highly
oscillating field – in likewise interfering frequency to that of a water
vein, so that the entire area is extensively decontaminated and the
Bovis value is raised to a positive value for us, so that we no longer
lose energy.

In contrast to radionically informed protective
plates or similar, which quasi only protect the body on the information
level, the bio-wafers physically extinguish the rising radiation by an
interferez (cork plates or other materials do not manage this, since
they vibrate much lower).

Even with a bioresonance device, in
which all frequencies of water veins and earth rays are stored, a
sleeping place is indicated as free of disturbances after harmonization
with a bio-wafer. Also a dowser tests a previously determined
disturbance zone after the use of a bio-wafer as a rule as free of
disturbance, provided that he does not measure the physical zone, but
the load.

Practice Tip:

A bio-wafer can
also be used to “tune” the duplex resonator described in the previous
point. If one places a duplex on a bio-wafer, the neutralizing
fundamental frequency of the bio-wafer modulates itself to the frequency
band of the duplex and de-interferes the entire house – also
physically. When tested with a bioresonance device, each interference
zone is then shown to be free of interference.

“How do Biogeta harmonizers remove harmful earth radiation and water veins?

Information systems about the circuit

Another way to harmonize a house or apartment is through, I call them, “information systems“.
The basis is – as with biofield shaping – the fact that every
disturbance is a matter of vibrational frequencies, and thus basically
pure information. This information is generated – as already described
above – e.g. by dipole antennas in the form of frequencies and emitted
into the space.

However, this – as well as any other type of
information – can also be modulated onto another frequency. As, for
example, with a radio station, where the content (information) is
modulated onto a specific carrier frequency (e.g. 107 MHz FM). FM stands
for frequency modulation.

In such an information system, the
information – which can be either frequency values or certain
affirmations – is modulated onto the 50Hz of the house current, using it
as a carrier. Thus, the corresponding information is distributed
throughout the house, or circuit.

There are a number of
manufacturers of these systems. Basically, they differ mainly in the
content of the information, the way of informing – but mainly in whether
the person is given instructions to react to certain stresses without
interference, or whether a free space is created without directly
influencing the person. In any case, I advise the latter method, such as
the BIOGETA® FM Biofieldformers.

Other systems I have tested
primarily balance the body to a greater or lesser extent, but – as with
biofield shaping – do not change anything about the interference zone

Many manufacturers advertise comprehensive protection
against both electrosmog and geopathic disturbances. However, my own
tests with some of the systems showed that none of them offered
comprehensive protection against earth radiation and water veins (as a
basis I took a reference value of 7500 Bovis as – for the human organism
– neutral value).

In my opinion, this is also logical, because
they all move in the spectrum of visible light and use frequency values
within this spectrum. However, as mentioned several times before, the
main carrier frequency of earth rays is far outside this spectrum.

on this basic assumption, an information system was developed, which on
the one hand balances the body and equalizes all relevant basic
frequency values, but on the other hand also cancels the basic carrier
frequency by interference, so that the BIOGETA®
system is the only information system known to me, which on the one
hand works like a Biofieldformer, but on the other hand also physically
eliminates all interfering frequencies, so that after installation in the entire house no more interfering zone is physically measurable and also the Bovis value is raised into a positive range for us.

Advantages and disadvantages

advantage of information systems is that they work through the entire
power grid throughout the house and, in addition to harmonizing
geopathic disturbances, can carry other information, for example, to
balance electrosmog or balance the chakras.

The disadvantage is
that they only work as long as current is flowing, and you therefore
have to do without a mains decoupler in the bedroom – or work with an
additional bio-wafer or a repeater as a local supplement.

” Effect of Biogeta harmonizers confirmed by bioresonance
” How do I notice that a water vein runs under my bed?

Test a BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer completely risk-free for 30 Days!

About the author

Sebastian Krueger is a building biologist, certified dowser, author of books on the subject of electrosmog, and a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. He’s been interested in the topics of radiesthesia, shamanism and bioenergetics for almost 30 years, after having an encounter ‘of the third kind’ with a dowser couple that fundamentally changed his worldview from the purely naturalistic-scientific one he had had until that point.

After running his own recording studio for 10 years, a personal health affliction eventually brought him back to dowsing, to technical building biology and to writing his blog Strahlenfrei-Wohnen.de (radiation-free-living.com in English).

Using his expertise in building biology and bioenergetics, Sebastian has tested more than 1200 sleeping areas in the German-speaking world, and developed various solutions for offsetting often unblockable and evasive frequencies that cause stress to our bodies.

He now lives in Dubai and helps people all over the world to solve sleep and health problems by improving their sleep environment and minimizing EMF exposure and providing solutions to offset geopathic stress.

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