"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

About sleep problems and childhood diseases

Many people are not aware that a disturbed sleeping place puts a massive strain on a person’s body in many ways.

The fact that the important regulatory phase of the human body, the vagotonus or parasympathetic nervous system, is disturbed night after night by a stay in a geologically disturbed area or by the effects of electrosmog – in addition to which the continuous release of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline continually overacidifies the body – creates an environment that favors the colonization of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the human body. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 for precisely this finding.

Especially in children this often has massive effects. Very often I have experienced that during a house examination with several children’s rooms, one of the children was often overall significantly weaker and more susceptible to illness than the others.

Certainly, a certain predisposition may also play a role, but so far it was without exception in every case that the sleeping places of the weak and sickly children were disturbed many times more than the other beds.

On the other hand, the fittest and healthiest children, who, according to their parents, are hardly ever sick and have no psychosocial behavioral problems, have always slept in neutral or very good beds. By very good I mean, for example, on a right-turning water vein with balancing magnetic values.

In some of the cases the mother or father of the children told me that it also happened with the so-called childhood diseases that the children on the good bed places, either did not get childhood diseases, or could regulate these very quickly within a few days by an intact and well-developed immune system itself. This was also the case with my two girls.

Whereas the children on the bad sleeping places, mostly had to register clearly longer courses of illness, and it went to them also altogether around some worse, than their brothers and sisters.

In one of the case histories I have written down, entitled “Little Myra”, I describe the case of a little 1.5 year old girl who was diagnosed by a pediatrician with a congenital and therefore incurable immune defect, with the prognosis that she would be sickly for the rest of her life and would react to many foods with intolerances.

Not to prejudge too much, I can only say that today the little one is not only doing very well again, but probably better than ever. First and foremost, it wasn’t HER that was sick, it was her sleeping space. This disturbed place, has only stressed her so much that her body no longer had its own forces to be able to protect itself against external infections, viruses and bacteria.

Earlier, while googling on the internet, I came across a forum where people meet who have sleep problems, or whose children have sleep problems. There are all sorts of options discussed and offered, from snoring labs to sleeping pills, to special homeopathic globules to help you sleep better, special pillows, mattresses, beds, etc.

It is speculated that especially intelligent children, tend to fall asleep badly and wake up early and what not else …

I have searched for a long time, but in fact I have not been able to find in any of the mainstream magazines or heavily frequented forums and blogs, serious evidence that the sleep problems in children and also in many adults, can be caused both by technical fields in the houses as well as by microwave pollution (WLAN, mobile radio, radar, etc.), which penetrate from the outside into the bedrooms are triggered, or by geological interference zones.

Especially the knowledge about the latter point is already present for more than 500 years in all health books and transcripts, which were written before the time of the big power of the pharmaceutical lobby, and it is explicitly pointed out. Already Paracelsus said more than 500 years ago “a sick bed is the surest way to ruin health”.

There is a big difference between efficient action and effective action. Efficient means doing or performing a certain task in the best possible way and as thoroughly as possible. For example, taking someone with sleep problems to a sleep lab, measuring their brain waves, and writing down every possible detail of information.

An effective procedure describes doing the right thing to get the most satisfactory result. In this case, an effective approach would be to change the sleeping place, to shield from technical fields, or to compensate for geological interference zones.

I am very sure that the desired result, namely a better sleep and consequently a better and sustainable health, can be realized by the latter of the two points.

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