What Are In Fact Bovis Values?

Der französische Physiker André Bovis widmete sich in den 1930er Jahren intensiv der Qualitätskontrolle von Nahrungsmitteln und entwickelte eine Methode, mit der er schnell und präzise die Frische, und vor allem die Vitalität von Nahrungsmitteln messen konnte. Zu der Zeit war der Gebrauch eines Pendels in weiten Kreisen, auch unter Wissenschaftlern, sehr verbreitet (wie bereits bei … Read more

On Sleep Disorders and Childhood Illnesses.

Many people are unaware that being exposed to disturbances in sleeping areas is, in many ways, an excessive stress on the organism. The fact that the vagotone or parasympathetic nervous system, which is a very important regulatory phase of the human body, is disturbed night after night as a result of sleeping or being located … Read more

Excerpt from Interview: Radiesthesia in Construction Biology

I was recently interviewed for a book on healthy living spaces around the topic of building biology and radiesthesia.  I was asked the following questions: How do you combine the scientifically based construction biology with the often esoterically known radiesthesia? How do these two disciplines complement each other? Next, I would like to share my answer … Read more

Auszug aus Vortrag: 5G

Wir bekommen hier bei Strahlenfrei-Wohnen sehr viele Anfragen von besorgten Menschen bzgl. des schnell voranschreitenden Ausbaus des 5G Netzes und den damit einhergehenden Gefahren für uns.Ein großes Problem, welches uns aufgefallen ist, besteht darin, dass die wenigsten Menschen tatsächlich wissen, worin die Hauptgefährdung bei 5G liegt. Denn es ist nicht unbedingt das 5G selbst mit … Read more

The good place

Unlike our ancestors, we no longer live in harmony with Mother Nature, and have forgotten to listen to our feelings and trust our intuition. Every animal in nature instinctively looks for its “good place” to sleep and regenerate. We humans, however, live for the most part in predefined grids, such as firmly defined building windows, … Read more

What exactly is bioresonance?

To understand bioresonance, this can be well explained by a simple example: When we go out in the sun, certain regulatory processes start in our body. This is, for example, an increased pigmentation of the skin, which we experience as a tan, or the production of vitamin D. In the specific case of the sun, … Read more

Earth radiation interference suppression – What does effective mean?

During the production of regulation modules, the subsequent series of tests and the questions that regularly arise in practice about the functioning and effectiveness of the regulation modules, one question in particular comes to the fore. To wit: What does effective mean, and how exactly do I define effectiveness? The measurement criteria for evaluating the … Read more

Case Report Property Investigation

I was recently commissioned to examine a family’s property for geopathic interference zones, as a new house was to be built there. It was the property of a young family who had bought it a few years ago. At that time, there was still a medium-sized single-family house – built in 1970 – which was … Read more

The basis of radionics – blood connections beyond time and space

I have discovered the following article on the page of HP colleague Hans Gerhard Wicklein and will post it here in the original. It serves us well as a basis for understanding the mode of action of radionics – that is, the radiesthesic remote analysis and treatment. Basically, all this is nothing new and the … Read more

Orgone Energy and Wilhelm Reich

What exactly is orgone, ORANUR and DOR? Dr. Wilhelm Reich – an Austrian/German psychiatrist and direct disciple of Sigmund Freud in the early 20th century – described the energy that surrounds us all and animates everything, known in other cultures as prana, vril, chi, ether or pneumea as orgone energy. As a psychoanalyst, he suspected … Read more

The ORANUR Experiment

Due to time constraints, I have unfortunately not yet managed to write a summary of the facts of Wilhelm Reich’s ORANUR experiment combined with empirical values from my practice. Therefore I reposted for the time being an article by Jon Skinner from the site orgonomie.net. But just to briefly touch on it: Mutated orgone energy, … Read more

Earth rays and cancer

A question that always comes up in connection with earth rays is: Do water veins and other earth rays cause cancer? Even though I personally believe that cancer is a systemic disease and that many factors play a role in its development – especially psychological conflicts – it cannot be denied that a connection between … Read more