"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

Case Study: A house that makes you sick


In this article I would like to report a case that I had to think about for some time, because I think something similar happens in many places.

I was asked to perform an apartment analysis for a family of 4 in an apartment building. In the house live 5 residential parties, and all apartments are located above each other and are divided exactly the same.

Already on the phone when making the appointment, the father of the family told me that the entire family had both physical-health and psychological problems, in addition to massive sleep disorders.

The mother regularly falls into a psychosis, the 13-year-old son was to be moved to a home for difficult to raise children in the course of the next week, as he regularly gets violent outbursts and was no longer bearable in the apartment. The father himself had also been unable to work for several years.

Then, when I started on-site bioresonance testing of the father and asked more questions, I learned that people in the entire house were regularly dying of heart failure, suffering from cancer or other violent ailments, and there had been several cases of severe psychosis in the past.

In my testing, I discovered a fault on him due to a fault, as well as a Benker cube line and a slight fault due to a Benker cube intersection.

During the subsequent sleeping place analysis, I then found exactly these disturbances in the sleeping area of the master bedroom. Exactly through the head area a very strong fault and a north/south Benker cube line went horizontally.

His wife’s sleeping place additionally had the east/west Benker line, so that the mother slept on a Benker cube intersection – and additionally a very strong warp went through her head area.

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The children’s room was on the same side of the apartment as the parent’s room, and the bed space of the bunk bed of the two children was about 10 m away from the mother’s sleeping space – and exactly on the nearest east/west Benker-Kuben line. Also, the children’s bed was also in the middle of the fault line.

So, all in all, all the sleeping places were catastrophically disturbed. On a scale of 1 – 10, I would give the mother’s and children’s places a 9 minus, and the father at most an 8.

There are cases where interference zones shift a bit from floor to floor. Often a few centimeters … sometimes more, but in the majority of all cases I’ve experienced, the zones run pretty much the same across the floors. Say, I strongly assume that the same blatant interference occurred in each of the apartments. And since the rooms were quite small – and the electrical outlets determined the locations of the beds, as they do in most homes – it is safe to assume that all the people who have been exposed to these interference zones since the house was built, which must have been from the 70s.

I also assume that this explains all the deaths, illnesses and psychoses in the house. Already in the 1920s, Freiherr von Pohl created the concept of the so-called cancer house by marking houses in a small village that stood on extremely strong earth radiation fields. A comparison by the district physician of that time with the coroner’s certificates from about 12 years, then led to the result that all cancer deaths had occurred in exactly these marked houses.

What have we done?

Although there was little space in the rooms, in addition to installing a BIOGETA® FM Biofieldformer, we moved the beds down from the Benker cubes crosses. We placed the crib virtually in the middle of the room so that it was just possible to open the door. The father was worried that the son would throw another tantrum and become violent if he found the bed in this strange position as soon as he got home. I asked him to at least try it and report back to me after a few days.

Then when I got a call from the father about a week later, he told me the following:

After initially resisting sleeping in the middle of the room, the boy finally did and came to his father on his own the next morning saying, “Daddy, I slept through the night in my bed for the first time in my life!”

How the story developed, I do not know, but I advised the family to find another apartment as soon as possible.

I think that was only the second time ever that I advised to do so, because usually you find a satisfactory solution. The cut of the apartment in the house was probably a lot of bad luck involved, and I myself would not want to live there in any case.

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About the author

Sebastian Krueger is a building biologist, certified dowser, author of books on the subject of electrosmog, and a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. He’s been interested in the topics of radiesthesia, shamanism and bioenergetics for almost 30 years, after having an encounter ‘of the third kind’ with a dowser couple that fundamentally changed his worldview from the purely naturalistic-scientific one he had had until that point.

After running his own recording studio for 10 years, a personal health affliction eventually brought him back to dowsing, to technical building biology and to writing his blog Strahlenfrei-Wohnen.de (radiation-free-living.com in English).

Using his expertise in building biology and bioenergetics, Sebastian has tested more than 1200 sleeping areas in the German-speaking world, and developed various solutions for offsetting often unblockable and evasive frequencies that cause stress to our bodies.

He now lives in Dubai and helps people all over the world to solve sleep and health problems by improving their sleep environment and minimizing EMF exposure and providing solutions to offset geopathic stress.

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