"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

Are earth rays only imagination?


Recently I received an e-mail from a customer with a link to a video in which they tried to measure the phenomenon of earth radiation with the help of various electronic devices.

And as almost always with this kind of experiments the result was of course that one could neither water veins, nor faults or the grid systems with the used devices reproducibly prove.

Accordingly, the tenor of the whole thing was that this kind of stress was imagined at best.

Our customer had been sent the link to the video from one of those “We explain the world to children” shows like “Galileo Mystery” or “Taff” by someone to whom she had sent the link to our site.

And of course a contemptuous comment could not be missing, according to the motto “everything is imagination or placebo”, and “only what you can touch or measure is real”.

This is exactly where one of the biggest problems of our society today lies!

I call it conditioned ignorance.

You could also say arrogance, because it is already very presumptuous to judge something about which you have no idea at all, because you neither learn it in school nor hear about it from your family doctor.

And thinking for yourself is often rather difficult …

On the contrary, the worldwide education system (it is basically more of a training system) aims solely to keep us stuck in predefined structures and just not to think outside the box and question the existing worldview.

For this would make a loss of control by the establishment inevitable….

Now, before I dive deeper into possible underlying motivations, I would like to briefly share with you an excerpt of the response I wrote to my customer to her email.

I have described it using the example of a record:

If you want to know something about the quality of a song on a record, it is no use weighing the weight of the record with a special scale, or measuring the groove depth, or defining the density of the material.

We need a sense for this – and that is the sense of hearing – and can then suddenly evaluate different qualities that were previously hidden or not accessible – or recognizable. E.g. the quality of the recording, the quality of the mixing in the studio, the compression, the pressing – and of course the emotional level of the music.

We can also measure the frequencies with a spectrum analyzer. For this purpose, we have a space from about 20Hz to about 20KHz. This is the range that we can hear and also measure acoustically. After all, such an analyzer can only assess sound and display it graphically.

But for that, it must first be made audible!

Almost 140 years ago, Edison succeeded in developing a process that made this possible for the first time. If we did not have a record player, we would not be able to perceive the dimension of the acoustics on the record. Even if we had expensive special scales or material analysis laboratories at our disposal. We would simply have a lump – or a slice – of matter!

And with the topic earth radiation it behaves similarly. First and foremost, we need a sense to be able to detect this radiation through our body, since there are currently no measuring devices (at least none known) that can measure in this high frequency range.

But that does not mean that it does not exist!

About 100 years ago, the subtle range according to Max Planck was valid from about 1 GHz, because from then on no device could measure. Today we can measure up to over 60 GHz, but not up to 10 to the power of 45 Hertz. That is a 10 with 45 zeros. But the devices would have to be able to measure that high to be able to measure earth radiation.

In this respect, I can do little with such “scientific” tests as shown in such videos, because they virtually weigh the record and claim that there is music on it, one would merely imagine.

If you had told someone 150 years ago that invisible waves whirling around in the air could make images appear on a plate (screen), they would have laughed at you at best.

A few decades further back under circumstances burned …

And why?

Because one could not imagine that there is a frequency range which cannot be measured. And just like today, the scientific arrogance and arrogance was already boundless at that time.

The Swiss physician Ignaz Semmelweis paid with his life for his realization that invisible bacteria from unwashed hands were responsible for the high number of childbed fevers with fatal outcomes. He urged his colleagues to wash their hands after autopsies of corpses before bringing a child into the world – which they did not do, but instead condemned him in the strongest terms as a charlatan and crackpot, and eventually imprisoned and killed him.

What we take for granted today and what is common knowledge was beyond the realm of imaginable possibilities at the time. And one can only imagine the unspeakable suffering that resulted. The families often had many children and the fathers had to work hard. If the mother died suddenly, there was often no one to take care of the remaining children. Especially not for a newborn … often they ended up on the street, in mines or starved to death.

Then as now!

Today it is similar. If a doctor would really take seriously the oath of Hippocrates he has taken – i.e. for the best good of the patient – he would have to point out the potential danger of earth radiation.

Because even if it is not accepted by our science, which is limited to the worldly spectrum, there are in all health writings of the centuries first-acceptable references to the interaction of earth radiation and cancer diseases. Yes, even empirical evidence in the form of houses in which the same diseases occurred again and again over generations – and which were all located on geopathic interference zones.

” Read the article about the so-called “cancer houses”.

Every doctor knows Paracelsus. From him comes the famous quote:

“A sick bed is the surest way to ruin your health”.

So no one can say they haven’t heard of it – and in this day and age, probably for the first time in history, it’s possible to get virtually any information you can think of.

So everyone is challenged to look beyond their own personal horizons and to question their own view of the world. And as soon as you start doing this, the horizon opens up and a huge range of new possibilities appears.

Returning to our initial topic, earth rays can be defined, for example, with the help of a simple resonance test.

And reproducible and thus empirical!

This basically tests whether there is an exchange of electrons between two poles. This can be done with a bioresonance device, among other things – or with our geo-testers, which will be available soon.

However, you can actually use your body to measure, but to do so, you must first train the sense needed – which we all possess as humans.

After all, we can all hear – provided we are healthy …

Therefore, I would like to conclude this article with a quote from Goethe, who himself – like many other great minds of our time – was a convinced radiesthesist:

“The finest physical measuring instrument is the human being when he uses his senses” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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About the author

Sebastian Krueger is a building biologist, certified dowser, author of books on the subject of electrosmog, and a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. He’s been interested in the topics of radiesthesia, shamanism and bioenergetics for almost 30 years, after having an encounter ‘of the third kind’ with a dowser couple that fundamentally changed his worldview from the purely naturalistic-scientific one he had had until that point.

After running his own recording studio for 10 years, a personal health affliction eventually brought him back to dowsing, to technical building biology and to writing his blog Strahlenfrei-Wohnen.de (radiation-free-living.com in English).

Using his expertise in building biology and bioenergetics, Sebastian has tested more than 1200 sleeping areas in the German-speaking world, and developed various solutions for offsetting often unblockable and evasive frequencies that cause stress to our bodies.

He now lives in Dubai and helps people all over the world to solve sleep and health problems by improving their sleep environment and minimizing EMF exposure and providing solutions to offset geopathic stress.

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