"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

How To Create A Healthy Place To Sleep!


"The most secure method to ruin your health, is a SICK BED!”


In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with stimulation from technology, an abundance of information, and exposure to inorganic chemicals and heavy metals in our food. This can certainly have an effect on our mood and wellbeing.

It is for that reason that topics like those described by Paracelsus are often seen as “crazy,” “imaginary,” or “nonsense.” Which is one of the reasons why doctors usually don’t pay attention to this issue.

The precise origins of “earth rays” are unknown, and all that can be said for certain is that they are merely theories.

However, their effects on humans, animals and plants can be plainly observed and measured bioenergetically by using our bodies as receivers or bioresonance devices.

In a nutshell: earth rays either donate (rarely the case) or withdraw energy and/or generate vegetative stress, causing disturbances in the entire regulatory system of the body. Over time, this will inevitably lead to illness.

The same applies for the “modern” strains of electrosmog (power grids) and radio frequencies (mostly pulse-modulated frequencies such as WiFi, LTE, 5G, DECT, Bluetooth, etc.).

This makes it difficult to find or create a place that is largely free of radiation and therefore conducive to good health in today’s age. Even if we manage to avoid all areas with high levels of background radiation, a quick look at our cell phone reminds us that we are constantly exposed to multiple WiFi and Bluetooth networks. And then there is the ever-growing density of mobile networks.

Keyword = “5G”.

So what can we do to create a better sleeping situation for everyone in the household?

In my countless home assessments and adjustments, a method ultimately verified itself. I have found a system that works for everyone at home, not just for the lucky ones who didn’t sleep on an interference zone.

The six building blocks.

I’ve previously described them in detail, but I will briefly outline them and explain how I apply them in my own home.



Turn Off



Build up


I have spent many years learning about this issue and educating myself and I believe that it is important to educate my children on the topic as well so they understand its importance. Through my blog, videos and emails, I strive to raise awareness among all of you in order to prompt positive change. Only when we are aware of the problem can we take steps to find proper solutions!


I avoid having any cable ducts or telephone stations near my head, as I know they can emit harmful electromagnetic fields. If you are aware of where geopathic interference zones are located, you can take steps to avoid them too, provided the room layout allows it.

Turn off.

Here are the steps I take. To reduce my exposure to EMF radiation, I turn off the WIFI repeater on the upper floor every night, or I turn off the entire WIFI at night with a timer. All cell phones are in flight mode.


I sleep under a canopy that acts as a shield my bed and myself. This has been a “gamechanger” for me. What a recovery!


Balancing residual radio pollution from WIFI networks, satellites or transmitting antennas is probably one of the most important things for electrosensitive people like me. For this purpose, a BIOGETA FM Biofeldformer operates in our house, allowing us to create a balanced and restorative oscillating field in the entire house, reassuring that even strains that were caught outside the house, are balanced again at home, as in a bioresonance therapy.

In addition, there is a “BIOGETA bio-wafer” under each of our beds, providing a pleasant extra portion of energy and therefore a restful and regenerative sleep.

Build up.

Building up your body’s energy field can have a permanent positive effect. Is the final step is to gradually increase the strength of your energy field.

Drinking high-energy and restructured water, as well as eating detoxifying foods and taking good supplements, are all great ways to improve your health and your energy field. The food from the supermarket often lacks essential nutrients, there isn’t much more life in it, so it’s important to get the nutrients from other sources.

My mission, as stated, is to draw attention to our daily “radiation dilemma” and its associated energy deficit. My goal is to create and provide helpful solutions.

With our HOME sets, we offer an all-in-one solution for your home and family. You can customize the set according to your wishes and requirements and receive a 3-month return policy on all BIOGETA products.

In addition, our partner YSHIELD provides a range of canopies that are ideal for rental. You have the opportunity to try them out and if you find they suit your needs you can purchase them – or else just send them back.

In terms of nutritional supplements, we work with “FitLine”. We are very satisfied with their products and consume them daily.

If you have any questions about FitLine products, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

We’re happy to help you out!

And finally… water.

Regarding water, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this:

Once you have tried water from our spring water sets, you’ll never want anything else! It is not only exceptionally good in taste, but also very good bioenergetically.


Test a BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer completely risk-free for 30 Days!

About the author

Sebastian Krueger is a building biologist, certified dowser, author of books on the subject of electrosmog, and a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. He’s been interested in the topics of radiesthesia, shamanism and bioenergetics for almost 30 years, after having an encounter ‘of the third kind’ with a dowser couple that fundamentally changed his worldview from the purely naturalistic-scientific one he had had until that point.

After running his own recording studio for 10 years, a personal health affliction eventually brought him back to dowsing, to technical building biology and to writing his blog Strahlenfrei-Wohnen.de (radiation-free-living.com in English).

Using his expertise in building biology and bioenergetics, Sebastian has tested more than 1200 sleeping areas in the German-speaking world, and developed various solutions for offsetting often unblockable and evasive frequencies that cause stress to our bodies.

He now lives in Dubai and helps people all over the world to solve sleep and health problems by improving their sleep environment and minimizing EMF exposure and providing solutions to offset geopathic stress.

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