"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

Case history: natural bioresonance


A few days ago a beautiful case happened to me that shows the natural and simple logic of bioresonance in a natural process.

I had an appointment for a house examination and, as usual, I started by doing a bio-check of the people living in the house. For this I use a small bioresonance device (Rayocomp PS10 from the company Rayonex) to test whether there is a stronger exposure to electrosmog or earth radiation.

As a rule, this almost always makes it possible for me to tell the residents exactly who is sleeping where during the subsequent sleeping place examination. Because it predominantly coincides with the previously measured disturbances in the energy field of the persons.

In this case, however, it was the case that the measurement of the young lady showed an exposure to a Benker line, but no geopathic disturbance. However, during the later sleeping place examination, besides the Benker line, a strong fault was found. How is this possible? I was a bit confused at first, especially since the lady’s partner only sleeps in the bed 3 days a week, but a strong stress due to the fault could be measured in his case.

She then also told me that her dog regularly sleeps right on the warp next to her in bed. This then confused me even more….

But the whole thing should quickly resolve and explain itself.

When I examined the practice room of the resident in the basement, I found a wide, strongly dextrorotatory water vein with over 16,000 Bovis and very high magnetic values. A part of the therapy sofa was exactly in the vein. And on this part mostly sat the dog.

Due to the constant stay on the right-swinging – and highly energetic field, both the dog and the resident of the house and operator of the practice, were able to balance the fault in the sleeping area. With her this was even measurable – in the form of a balanced polarity ratio in the frequency ranges, which are normally disturbed by a fault.

I have described a similar case here:

For this reason, during the bio-check at the beginning, I could not measure any stress from the warp in her bed. However, the partner rarely stays in the practice, and therefore does not get a polarity balance in the corresponding frequencies.

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About the author

Sebastian Krueger is a building biologist, certified dowser, author of books on the subject of electrosmog, and a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. He’s been interested in the topics of radiesthesia, shamanism and bioenergetics for almost 30 years, after having an encounter ‘of the third kind’ with a dowser couple that fundamentally changed his worldview from the purely naturalistic-scientific one he had had until that point.

After running his own recording studio for 10 years, a personal health affliction eventually brought him back to dowsing, to technical building biology and to writing his blog Strahlenfrei-Wohnen.de (radiation-free-living.com in English).

Using his expertise in building biology and bioenergetics, Sebastian has tested more than 1200 sleeping areas in the German-speaking world, and developed various solutions for offsetting often unblockable and evasive frequencies that cause stress to our bodies.

He now lives in Dubai and helps people all over the world to solve sleep and health problems by improving their sleep environment and minimizing EMF exposure and providing solutions to offset geopathic stress.

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