"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

About Earth Rays and Water Veins


The popularly used term ” earth radiation ” is basically a collective term for different types of radiation, which primarily have one thing in common, namely that this type of radiation, even in its diversity, can hardly or not (yet) be measured with the currently available physical possibilities or equipment.

However, this does not necessarily mean that this radiation does not exist, but only that it is so fine and highly vibrating that it exceeds the sensitivity of our “modern” devices, or takes place in a circle of perception which the visionary physicist and himself a convinced dowser, Max Planck aptly described as “fine-material” – or his physicist colleague Albert Einstein as “metaphysical”.

A question of resonance and frequency

We as human beings are highly intelligent cosmic beings, who for the most part are deeply asleep and have been proven to use only about 5% of our spiritual potential, yet the finest instrument for measuring such vibrations is the human being himself.

We are all subtly connected and can feel the resonant vibrations of our environment. And even if we are often not aware of it, we do it – all the time.

There are scientific studies where e.g. a speaker in front of an audience was recorded on video and in a very strong slowing down of the recording it turned out that the reactions in the faces of the listeners could already be recognized before the spoken words. Say there is at any time a “fine-material” connection – a resonance – among each other.

Who hasn’t had the experience of thinking about someone special and suddenly they call or run into you? Just while writing this text it happened to me again. Although I was occupied with this content, the thought of a good friend briefly entered my consciousness, and a few seconds later the phone rings, and he calls …

So there are a lot of sensory perceptions that lie outside our 5-senses consciousness, but which belong to our human species, like smelling or tasting. I will write a separate article about the topics resonance and sensory perceptions in general, because that would go beyond the scope here.

But just as we unconsciously resonate with our environment, we also intuitively feel what is good for us – and what is not. And also where we feel good and where not. Even if we do not consciously notice this, our body tells us through various signs, disturbances and symptoms – because it goes into resonance or dissonance with the corresponding vibrations.

Unfortunately, however, most of our lives we are distracted, stressed and driven from our center. But if we can choose a place to sleep in a large empty room and take some time with it – feel into the room – we are guaranteed to look for a place free of disturbances, free of earth rays harmful to us – if this is possible there. Exactly in the same way a cat will look for a place that suits it best – but is rather harmful for us.

To get back to earth radiation… just as there are many unconscious sensory perceptions that control us daily and guide us through life, there is an even greater number of frequencies that we cannot perceive with our conscious senses, but which nevertheless exist and partially influence us. As an example would be WLAN. We can neither see nor hear these frequencies, but a computer can receive them and decode them for us, i.e. decode them for our “experienceable” frequency range of visible light – i.e. between 10h13 and 10h15 Hertz.

WLAN itself is located in a frequency range from 10h10 to 10h13, i.e. outside our conscious range of perception. However, we can also feel the effects of WLAN directly and indirectly, namely in the form of an – even physically measurable – increased positive ionization of the room air, to which we again react with health disorders. Or by a “mutation” of the life energy surrounding us all, which Dr. Wilhelm Reich called orgone energy.

In his official research experiments for the U.S. government, Wilhelm Reich proved that both radioactive radiation and microwave radiation, whose frequency range also includes the WLAN, mutates orgone energy (life energy) into nervous-aggressive and disease-causing ORANUR (ORgonAgainstNUclearRadiation) energy, and we sometimes feel the effects very blatantly physically.

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What exactly are earth rays?

So-called earth rays are also outside our conscious frequency perception range and, just like microwaves, WLAN or radioactivity, can neither be seen nor felt or consciously perceived by most people. Rather, their direct effects can be felt, which can often manifest themselves in humans in the form of nervousness, malaise, sleep disturbances, tension, lack of energy and various chronic disease patterns.

In nature, the effects of earth radiation can often be seen in trees growing at an angle or twisted (these trees try to avoid the earth radiation and are therefore overgrown), bare patches on otherwise green meadows (although, like some of the symptoms of illness mentioned above, this can also be caused by electrosmog – for reasons mentioned earlier) or heavy moss growth, tumor formation on trees and heavy ivy or nettle growth.

It is important to distinguish between so-called radiation fugitives – to which humans also belong – and radiation seekers. What is harmful for humans, as radiation fugitives, is rather beneficial for a cat or ant, as radiation seekers. Likewise, there is also for radiation fugitives, constructive and energy-giving earth radiation. However, it depends on the correct dose, as I will explain later.

The positive crossing points of the Hartmann grid – or global grid – are mostly, if they are not “polluted”, such points – whereas the Hartmann grid – or global grid – is not pure earth radiation, but an interference of the earth magnetic field in connection with the orgone mantle of the earth as well as a kind of cosmic radiation, which quasi forms a connection between earth and cosmos and does not come from the earth.

Likewise, in rare cases you can find right-turning water veins, which, depending on the strength and duration of stay, often also have a stimulating and beneficial effect for humans. They form the polar counterpart to the left-turning, for us harmful, water veins, and can even neutralize them, because they vibrate in the same frequency – just opposite polarity.

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On the picture you can see two trees, which try to avoid a water vein, respectively two water veins. The tree on the left succeeds in doing so by growing approx. 2 m forward – out of the area of interference – and avoiding the water vein coming from the upper left, in order to then sprout vertically again. The tree on the right, on the other hand, stands exactly on a water vein crossing, because another vein comes from half-right above. Since it cannot dodge in any direction, but has tried to do so, its trunk is severely twisted and torn open. Overall, it is nowhere near as vital as other trees in its vicinity.

Scientifically, the presence of earth radiation can be determined, among other things, by a physically measurable, increased, positive ionization of the interference area. For this purpose, a commercially available ion counter can easily be used. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of the earth radiation is not recognized by many “believing” natural scientists in the today’s time, because one – although the empirical values confirm it again and again – does not understand the forces and causes working behind it, and/or cannot grasp with the present scientific understanding – or would like.

For example, it is known that lightning strikes (the physical laws involved are also still largely unknown), almost always take place over water vein intersections, since the atmosphere, charged with positive polarity due to positive ionization, attracts the mostly negatively charged lightning from the lower cloud layers.

For example, oaks are radiation-seeking trees, and thrive magnificently on water vein crossings. This explains the myth of the so-called weather oaks, which are known to regularly attract lightning.

The interesting thing about oaks is that an oak tree often “looks” for a water vein crossing point to grow, i.e. a place with mostly less than 3,000 Bovis (Bovis is a standardized unit of measurement for the definition of vital values – I have written a detailed explanation about this in the article “What are Bovis values?”)- i.e. a place extremely harmful for a human being, but the oak tree itself usually thrives extremely well in such a place, and as a fully grown tree not infrequently radiates with more than 14,000 Bovis. So even higher than an average tree, which radiates with about 10,500 Bovis. It acts as a catalyst, so to speak, or as a natural radiation converter.

A similar effect is achieved, for example, an alder or an elder. That’s why, for example, my grandfather told me as a child that an alder does a property good. Ultimately, it balances – from our perception – energies in the form of radiance, and makes its immediate environment more “digestible” for us. Personally, I believe that these plants primarily love the strong positive ionization of the “disturbance zones” and therefore feel so comfortable in these places.

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How can we detect earth rays?

As mentioned at the beginning, the most sensitive instrument is the human being itself. Our body feels these fine frequencies and vibrations. Even if we do not believe in it! I experience again and again in my investigations, that – mostly the men – think this kind of the housing examinations, because of their conditioning and systematic information suppression and falsification of our so-called science, for esoteric “HokusPokus”. I then always preferentially take these “convinced” materialists for my tests, and so far really everyone – without exception – has reacted on a disturbed place with loss of strength and on a “good place” with increase of energy.

During one of my examinations I once had a 2 meter tall farmer with an estimated body weight of 120 kilos, whose 6 year old son – on his disturbed sleeping place – was able to push down his outstretched arm. He had no strength to keep his arm up, whereas shortly afterwards – on a good place – I was able to hang on to his arm with my full body weight of 85 kilos. This shows us in all clarity that on the one hand it does not matter whether one believes in such a thing or not, and thus proves that it is thus nothing esoteric, but something exoteric, i.e. finally biophysical – and on the other hand that every organism perceives these frequencies, i.e. – in contrast to all “highly developed” technical devices – is also capable of measuring, locating and defining these frequencies. Basically all humans have the facility for it.

With so-called highly sensitive people, this sense is somewhat more pronounced, and can be consciously – through much practice and practical experience – trained and finely trained. For this purpose, there are various aids, in the form of display tools, such as dowsing rod, biotensor or pendulum, to help his consciousness bridge into this frequency range (these tools in themselves, however, basically have no capabilities of their own, but it is always the consciousness, the mind and primarily the body of the user, which serves as an “antenna”), as well as various types of tables and scales, which minimize the risk of own influences in the results, such as wishful thinking.

Even with sinfully expensive bioresonance devices, the resonance is always tested with a tensor, by the treating operator or therapist. Even such devices, in the price range of small cars, are only aids – tools – and depend on the spiritual, mental and mental abilities, or the mental-spiritual level of development and the resonance ability, or sensitivity of the practitioner or operator.

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Auf dem Bild sieht man zwei Bäume, die versuchen einer Wasserader, bzw. zwei Wasseradern auszuweichen. Dem linken Baum gelingt das, indem er ca. 2 m nach vorne – aus dem Störbereich heraus – wächst, und der von links oben kommenden Wasserader ausweicht, um dann wieder vertikal auszutreiben. Der rechte Baum hingegen steht genau auf einer Wasseraderkreuzung, denn von halbrechts oben kommt eine weitere Ader. Da er in keine Richtung ausweichen kann, es aber probiert hat, ist sein Stamm stark verdreht und aufgerissen. Insgesamt ist er längst nicht so vital wie andere Bäume in seiner Umgebung.

Naturwissenschaftlich lässt sich das Vorhandensein von Erdstrahlung, unter Anderem durch eine physikalisch messbare, erhöhte, Positiv-Ionisierung des Störbereiches feststellen. Dazu lässt sich ganz leicht ein handelsüblicher Ionenzähler verwenden. Dennoch wird das Phänomen der Erdstrahlung von vielen „gläubigen“ Naturwissenschaftlern in der heutigen Zeit nicht anerkannt, weil man – obwohl es die Erfahrungswerte immer wieder bestätigen – die dahinter wirkenden Kräfte und Ursachen nicht versteht, bzw. mit dem derzeitigen wissenschaftlichen Verständnis nicht erfassen kann – oder möchte.

So ist z.B. bekannt, dass Blitzeinschläge (die dabei auftretenden physikalischen Gesetze sind ebenfalls nach wie vor weitgehend unbekannt), quasi immer über Wasseraderkreuzungen stattfinden, da die, durch die Positiv-Ionisierung pluspolig geladene Atmosphäre, die meistens negativ geladenen Blitze aus den unteren Wolkenschichten anzieht.

Eichen sind beispielsweise strahlensuchende Bäume, und gedeihen prächtig auf Wasseraderkreuzungen. Damit erklärt sich der Mythos der sogenannten Wettereichen, die bekanntlich regelmäßig Blitze anziehen.

Das Interessante an Eichen ist, dass sich eine Eiche oft einen Wasserader-Kreuzungspunkt zum Wachsen „sucht“, also eine Stelle mit meistens weniger als 3.000 Bovis (Bovis ist eine standardisierte Messeinheit zur Definition von Vitalwerten – eine ausführliche Erklärung dazu habe ich in dem Artikel „Was sind Bovis-Werte?“ geschrieben)– also einen für einen Menschen extrem schädlichen Platz, die Eiche selber aber an einem solchen Platz in der Regel extrem gut gedeiht, und als ausgewachsener Baum nicht selten mit über 14.000 Bovis abstrahlt. Also sogar noch höher als ein durchschnittlicher Baum, der mit etwa 10.500 Bovis strahlt. Sie agiert quasi als Katalysator, bzw. als natürlicher Strahlenkonverter.

Eine ähnliche Wirkung erzielt z.B. eine Erle oder ein Holunder. Deshalb hat mir mein Opa z.B. schon als Kind erzählt, dass eine Erle einem Grundstück gut tut. Letztendlich gleicht sie – aus unserer Wahrnehmung gesehen – Energien in Form von Erstrahlen aus, und macht ihre unmittelbare Umgebung für uns „bekömmlicher“. Ich persönlich glaube, dass diese Pflanzen in erster Linie die starke Positiv-Ionisierung der „Störzonen“ lieben und sich deshalb auf diesen Plätzen so wohl fühlen.

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Wie können wir Erdstrahlen aufspüren?

Wie anfangs bereits erwähnt, ist das sensibelste Instrument, der Mensch selbst. Unser Körper spürt diese feinen Frequenzen und Schwingungen. Auch wenn wir nicht daran glauben! Ich erlebe immer wieder in meinen Untersuchungen, dass – zumeist die Männer – diese Art der Wohnungsuntersuchungen, aufgrund ihrer Konditionierungen und systematischen Informationsunterdrückung und –Verfälschung unserer sogenannten Wissenschaft, für esoterischen „HokusPokus“ halten. Ich nehme dann immer bevorzugt diese „überzeugten“ Materialisten für meine Tests, und bisher hat wirklich jeder – ausnahmslos – auf einem gestörten Platz mit Kraftverlust und auf einem „guten Platz“ mit Energiezuwachs reagiert.

Bei einer meiner Untersuchungen hatte ich einmal einen 2 Meter großen Landwirt mit geschätzten 120 Kilo Körpergewicht, dem sein 6-jähriger Sohn – auf seinem gestörten Schlafplatz – seinen ausgestreckten Arm runterdrücken konnte. Er hatte keine Kraft, den Arm oben zu halten, wogegen ich mich kurz später – auf einem guten Platz – mit meinem vollen Körpergewicht von 85 kg an seinen Arm hängen konnte. Das zeigt uns in aller Deutlichkeit, dass es zum einen keine Rolle spielt, ob man an so etwas glaubt oder nicht, und beweist damit, dass es sich somit um nichts esoterisches, sondern um etwas exoterisches, also schlussendlich biophysisches handelt – und zum anderen, dass jeder Organismus diese Frequenzen wahrnimmt, also – im Gegensatz zu allen „hoch entwickelten“ technischen Geräten, auch in der Lage ist, diese Frequenzen zu messen, zu orten und zu definieren. Die Anlage dazu haben im Grunde alle Menschen.

Bei sogenannten Hochsensitiven ist dieser Sinn etwas stärker ausgeprägt, und kann bewusst – durch viel Üben und Praxiserfahrung – trainiert und feiner ausgebildet werden. Dazu gibt es verschiedene Hilfsmittel, in Form von Anzeigewerkzeugen, wie z.B. Wünschelrute, Biotensor oder Pendel, um seinem Bewusstsein die Brücke in diesen Frequenzbereich zu erleichtern (Diese Werkzeuge an sich haben jedoch im Grunde keine eigenen Fähigkeiten, sondern es ist immer das Bewusstsein, der Geist und in erster Linie der Körper des Benutzers, der als „Antenne“ dient), sowie diverse Arten von Tabellen und Skalen, welche die Gefahr von eigenen Einflüssen in die Ergebnisse, wie z.B. Wunschdenken, minimieren.

Selbst bei sündhaft teuren Bioresonanzgeräten, wird die Resonanz immer mit einem Tensor, von dem behandelnden Operator oder Therapeuten getestet. Sprich auch solche Geräte, in Preisklassen von kleinen PKWs, sind lediglich Hilfsmittel – also Werkzeuge – und auf die geistigen, mentalen und seelischen Fähigkeiten, bzw. den seelisch-geistigen Entwicklungsstand und die Resonanzfähigkeit, bzw. Sensitivität des Behandlers oder Operators angewiesen.

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About the author

Sebastian Krueger is a building biologist, certified dowser, author of books on the subject of electrosmog, and a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. He’s been interested in the topics of radiesthesia, shamanism and bioenergetics for almost 30 years, after having an encounter ‘of the third kind’ with a dowser couple that fundamentally changed his worldview from the purely naturalistic-scientific one he had had until that point.

After running his own recording studio for 10 years, a personal health affliction eventually brought him back to dowsing, to technical building biology and to writing his blog Strahlenfrei-Wohnen.de (radiation-free-living.com in English).

Using his expertise in building biology and bioenergetics, Sebastian has tested more than 1200 sleeping areas in the German-speaking world, and developed various solutions for offsetting often unblockable and evasive frequencies that cause stress to our bodies.

He now lives in Dubai and helps people all over the world to solve sleep and health problems by improving their sleep environment and minimizing EMF exposure and providing solutions to offset geopathic stress.

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