"Was Ihr Schlafplatz mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun hat - und wie Sie sich und Ihre Familie wirksam vor Elektrosmog, Funk und Erdstrahlen schützen!"

House in the forest with reversed clockwise water vein


I was asked by a young family to examine their house for earth rays and water veins. The house was beautifully situated, without direct neighbors, in the middle of nature, at the end of a small street that merged into a sparse forest.

The family had bought the house a few years ago and rebuilt everything very tastefully. The previous owner had already lovingly restored the old farm and – as I discovered in my later investigations – already had some knowledge about the existing interference zones, in the form of water veins.

The family lived there with two small children who, since they moved in, slept very badly and had nightmares regularly. The father of the family – as so often – did not believe in something like earth radiation, but nevertheless behaved very openly and interested in my work. During the house investigation I found out that the sleeping places of both children were massively disturbed by water veins. In the case of the younger son, a strongly discharging left-turning water vein ran directly under his bed and was reinforced in the chest area by a crossing point of the Curry grid. The energetic value of his sleeping place was only 2,500 Bovis and was very energy-draining.

In order to demonstrate to the father the energetic influence of the water vein and the Curry grid, I asked him to sit on the place of the bed and to stretch out his strong right arm. The man is not a weakling, but a well-built, about 2 m tall man in his prime, with plenty of strength.

Then I asked his little 6 year old son to try to push down his father’s arm. The result of the kinesiological muscle test was an amused boy and a completely confused father, because the boy was able to push down his father’s “strong” arm, like a knife sliding through warm butter. The man had no chance to keep the arm up. Not even when repeating the attempt.

He simply had no strength.

After that I asked him to stand on a spot in front of the bed, about 50cm from the spot he was sitting on before. Again I asked him to stretch out his arm, but this time I tried to push his arm down.

Not a chance!

I was able to hang onto his outstretched arm with my full body weight of just under 85kg, and he didn’t even appear to be straining.

Then I placed it about a meter further to the side – exactly on the water vein that also ran under the bed – and again I let the little boy push down his father’s arm without any effort.

To crown the father’s amazement, I then – standing on the energy-drawing water vein – put a bio-wafer into the breast pocket of his blue dungarees, waited 30 seconds, and hung onto his arm again.

The bio-wafer neutralized the left-turning water vein and built up a right-turning energy-giving field instead. The father’s body now no longer needed to compensate for an energetic deficit, but had its full power available – plus additional energy in the quality of a place of power.

Through targeted positioning of harmonizers of different strengths, I was able to raise the sleeping ranges of both children into beneficial and health-promoting ranges between 8,000 Bovis and 10,500 Bovis. Since then they sleep very well and have no more nightmares.

Unlike the two children, whose rooms were newly built by the family in the area of former stables, the parents’ bedroom was located in the same room as the previous owner of the house. Two water veins ran through the room, one of which was left-turning and drawing energy, and one of which was right-turning and giving energy.

Interestingly, the previous owner had positioned his bed – in a rather untypical arrangement for the room dimensions – probably in such a way that he avoided the left-turning vein, and the right-turning water vein ran through his foot area. Apparently he knew about the water veins and their qualities.

When I discussed the results of my analysis with the father of the family, he told me that he had found “strange” copper loops in the earth during excavation work in the meadow, which he could not explain. My guess was – and is – that the good previous owner had reversed one of the concise water veins that snaked through his house, outside the house.

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About the author

Sebastian Krueger is a building biologist, certified dowser, author of books on the subject of electrosmog, and a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. He’s been interested in the topics of radiesthesia, shamanism and bioenergetics for almost 30 years, after having an encounter ‘of the third kind’ with a dowser couple that fundamentally changed his worldview from the purely naturalistic-scientific one he had had until that point.

After running his own recording studio for 10 years, a personal health affliction eventually brought him back to dowsing, to technical building biology and to writing his blog Strahlenfrei-Wohnen.de (radiation-free-living.com in English).

Using his expertise in building biology and bioenergetics, Sebastian has tested more than 1200 sleeping areas in the German-speaking world, and developed various solutions for offsetting often unblockable and evasive frequencies that cause stress to our bodies.

He now lives in Dubai and helps people all over the world to solve sleep and health problems by improving their sleep environment and minimizing EMF exposure and providing solutions to offset geopathic stress.

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